The Zhan Hu Alliance was the minority alliance of the Hae Da Fung tribe in Survivor: China.


Tribe Switch

On Day 13, the Zhan Hu tribe received a note from a Chinese boatman instructing them to select two members of the rival Fei Long tribe to join their team. Despite believing that they would now have a seven to five majority over Fei Long, they were unaware that the same instructions were given to Fei Long.

Zhan Hu ended up selecting James Clement and Aaron Reisberger in exchange for Frosti Zernow and Sherea Lloyd who were moved to Fei Long. Concerned that the two original Zhan Hu members would be voted out should Fei Long lose the next Immunity Challenge, Peih-Gee Law pulled Jaime Dugan aside and proposed throwing the following two Immunity Challenges to vote out James and Aaron, evening the numbers for a Merge.

Throwing The Challenge

At the Immunity Challenge, the women put their plan in motion, with Jaime discarding one of the pieces required to solve the puzzle. Peih-Gee and Jaime also deliberately placed puzzle pieces on the board without locking them in, allowing Fei Long to catch up and win Immunity.

Upon returning to camp, Erik Huffman approached the girls, who informed him that they had indeed thrown the challenge. Despite being uncomfortable with her for sabotaging the tribe, Erik agreed to Jaime's plan to vote out Aaron. At Tribal Council that night, Jeff Probst commented on Jaime's nonchalant attitude at the challenge, prompting her to reveal that she and Peih-Gee did in fact throw it. This enraged James, who then asked to be voted out, saying that he couldn't take being under the Zhan Hu's mercy. In the end though, the Zhan Hu alliance stuck to their plan, eliminating Aaron in a 3-1-1 vote.

The Fake Idol

On Day 17, Peih-Gee reiterated the plan to throw the next Immunity Challenge to protect Sherea and Frosti. At the Reward Challenge, Peih-Gee had a moment alone with Sherea, informing her that she, Jaime and Erik were still willing to work with her and Frosti and were keeping them safe. Sherea gave no response, concerning Peih-Gee about their potential loyalties to the original Zhan Hu post-merge.

Fei Long won the Reward Challenge and selected James to accompany them to the Charmin tea house, leaving the Zhan Hu alliance alone back at camp. There, Peih-Gee told Jaime and Erik about her conversation with Sherea, leaving them unsure of what was actually occurring over at Fei Long. This uncertainty made the three agree to attempt to win the upcoming Immunity Challenge, which they successfully did.

Realizing that the merge would likely occur in the next few days, Peih-Gee approached James about working with the Zhan Hu alliance, asserting that she would willingly sacrifice Frosti or Sherea over him, believing he deserved to stay in the game. Later that day, Jaime and Erik noticed that one of the plaques on the camp's archway was missing and went to investigate. There, they found one plaque laying on the ground. Thinking that it could be the Hidden Immunity Idol, Erik gave it to Jaime to keep in her possession, unaware that the alleged "Idol" was simply a discarded plaque and that James had actually found the real Hidden Immunity Idol, using the information given to him by Todd Herzog. That night, Jaime and Erik searched through James' bag, discovering the actual Zhan Hu Idol as well as the Fei Long Idol. However, they failed to notice the discrepancies between their "Idol" and James', further cementing their belief that they possessed an actual Immunity Idol.

Post-Merge Failure

On Day 20, Zhan Hu and Fei Long merged into the new Hae Da Fung tribe. Peih-Gee again approached James about voting with the Zhan Hu alliance, though he failed to give her a solid response. Instead, he went to Todd and informed him of Peih-Gee's antics and that one of the Zhan Hu alliance members likely possessed a fake Idol. Todd then rallied all of the original Fei Long members together and they agreed to vote against Jaime due to her strong relationship with Erik.

Elsewhere, Peih-Gee voiced her doubts to Jaime over James' loyalty. The two agreed that it would be best to vote against Jean-Robert Bellande, in hopes of persuading Frosti and Courtney Yates to vote with them. Jaime then told Frosti that she possessed an "Idol" and was planning to use it against Jean-Robert. Jaime next went Todd, telling him that she had knowledge of the Hidden Immunity Idol and would share it with him if she survived the vote. However, Todd already knew of James' Idols, further solidifying his target against Jaime. At Tribal Council, Jaime played her Idol, which was confirmed by Jeff to be fake. Thus, all of the Fei Long alliance's votes against Jaime counted, eliminating her 7-3 with the Zhan Hu alliance voting against Jean-Robert.

With Jaime eliminated, Erik and Peih-Gee scrambled to find new allies. They extensively talked to Denise Martin, who felt that she was on the bottom of the Fei Long alliance after not being picked to participate in the Day 22 Reward Challenge. After losing Immunity to Courtney the next day, Peih-Gee felt certain that she would be voted out by the Fei Long alliance. Luckily for her, Todd grew wary of Jean-Robert's constant plotting against James and convinced his alliance to vote him out as opposed to Erik or Peih-Gee. The Zhan Hu alliance would then survive the next two Tribal Councils, due to the core Fei Long alliance targeting Frosti and James.

After frequent attempts to pull Fei Long members to their side, Erik and Peih-Gee were eventually targeted again by Todd. After failing to win Immunity on Day 33, Erik was eliminated, leaving Peih-Gee as the only original Zhan Hu remaining. Peih-Gee continued to try and rally the women against Todd, talking to Denise and Amanda Kimmel in particular, stating that they would lose to Todd at the Final Tribal Council. In the end though, they did not follow Peih-Gee's plan and unanimously voted her out on Day 36.


  • This was the first pre-merge 3-person alliance to make it to the merge with all its members intact, and have all its members remain loyal after the merge.



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