Zeke's Vinaka Alliance, also known as The Mob, is an alliance on the merged Vinaka​ tribe in Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.

After a rock drawing tiebreaker at the final ten, the alliance found themselves in the majority. However, with Will Wahl flipping on them on Day 33, the alliance lost its numbers and was systematically eliminated by its rivals in the next four days.


Zeke's Decision

After controlling the first two votes after the merge, the Takali Alliance planned to target Jessica Lewis for her prior betrayal, which resulted in alliance member Paul Wachter's elimination on Day 10. Takali Alliance member Chris Hammons approached Zeke Smith about blindsiding Jessica. Prior to Tribal Council, Zeke and Hannah Shapiro were caught in the middle between the Takali Alliance, who targeted Jessica, and David Wright's alliance, which targeted Chris. Hannah and Zeke sided with the latter, thus blindsiding Chris.

David vs. Zeke

The following day, Zeke decided to work with Chris' allies Bret LaBelle and Sunday Burquest, and Bret informed him that David was coming after him and they decided to eliminate David next. After returning from the Reward Challenge, Hannah told David about Zeke's plan to target him, resulting in David and Hannah deciding to target Zeke. After Jay Starrett won the next Immunity Challenge, Jessica and Ken McNickle confirmed their allegiance with David, while Zeke talked to Hannah about his plan; after she was visibly reluctant to work against David, Zeke decided to target her instead. He recruited Jay and Will Wahl to join him, Bret, and Sunday, while Hannah tried recruiting Adam Klein to join her, David, Jessica, and Ken, and force a tie.

During Tribal Council, David's alliance and Zeke's alliance openly quarreled. David incorrectly played his Hidden Immunity Idol on Ken, who received no votes, and the first vote ended in a 5-5 tie between Hannah and Zeke. The revote ended in a 4-4 deadlock between Hannah and Zeke. Nobody would agree to changing their votes, forcing a rock drawing tiebreaker to occur. Zeke's alliance survived as Jessica was eliminated by picking the wrong rock.

Will's Resume

With Jessica gone, Zeke's alliance was firmly in the majority. However, after the Loved Ones Challenge on Day 31, Will talked to David about flipping on Zeke. After Adam defeated Jay to win immunity, David's alliance, with the addition of Will, targeted Zeke. Zeke, suspicious of David's calm demeanor, decided to target Ken out of fear that David had found another Hidden Immunity Idol. Will told Ken that Zeke's alliance was voting against him, and a paranoid Ken outed Will's duplicity, putting both alliances' plans in disarray. At Tribal Council, Adam played his own idol on Hannah, though this proved to be unnecessary as Will had flipped, and Zeke was blindsided.

After Zeke's elimination, Will was determined to keep changing allegiances to eliminate threats and prove he deserved to win the game. After Jay won the next Immunity Challenge, Jay and Will campaigned for David's elimination, but Adam then targeted Will for playing both sides. Adam's plan worked as Will was blindsided at the next Tribal Council.


Following their attempt at rebounding from Zeke's elimination by linking up with Adam to help get rid of Will, Bret and Sunday turned on Jay at the next vote. The two went on to stay aligned with each other, though Sunday would soon be voted out at the final seven, with Jay eliminated next. Bret managed to flip Adam to his side at the final five. However, at Tribal Council, Adam misplayed his newly-found idol, and David, Hannah, and Ken blindsided Bret.



  • Every member of the alliance was blindsided at some point in the game.


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