Zapatera is a tribe from Survivor: Redemption Island.

The original tribe of eight was soon joined by veteran and notorious villain Russell Hantz and although the tribe enjoyed early success, they were disillusioned by Hantz' reputation and former tactics that eventually led to his elimination at the hands of the Zapatera Six alliance after throwing a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Soon after, the tribe started losing challenges due to a shift in momentum and the majority alliance began to turn on one another. Ultimately, they entered the merge without the numbers and were quickly eliminated in succession.

Their tribe color is purple.


 David Murphy
31, West Hollywood, CA
Defense attorney
S22 david t
 Julie Wolfe
50, Oceanside, CA
S22 julie t
 Krista Klumpp
25, Columbia, SC
Pharmaceutical representative
S22 krista t
 Mike Chiesl
31, Del Mar, CA
Iraq War veteran
S22 mike t
 Ralph Kiser
45, Lebanon, VA
S22 ralph t
 Sarita White
36, Santa Monica, CA
Visual effects producer
S22 sarita t
 Stephanie Valencia
26, Long Beach, CA
S22 stephanie t
 Steve Wright
51, Huntington Beach, CA
Former NFL player
S22 steve t

Tribe History

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