Zapatera was a tribe from Survivor: Redemption Island

The original tribe of eight was soon joined by veteran and notorious villain Russell Hantz and although the tribe enjoyed early success, they were disillusioned by Hantz' reputation and former tactics that eventually led to his elimination at the hands of the Zapatera Six alliance after throwing a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge. Soon after, the tribe started losing challenges due to a shift in momentum and the majority alliance began to turn on one another. Ultimately, they entered the merge without the numbers and were quickly eliminated in succession.

The tribe color is purple.


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Tribe History



  • Zapatera's camp was previously used as the camp site for Espada and Libertad in Survivor: Nicaragua.
  • Zapatera is the first tribe to experience a three-way tie vote at Tribal Council.
  • Zapatera is the only tribe Russell Hantz was ever voted out of in his three seasons.
  • Julie Wolfe is the only female member of Zapatera to make the merge.
  • No original Zapatera members have returned for another season.
    • In addition, Stephanie Valencia didn't receive enough votes to join the cast for Survivor: Cambodia.


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