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* Zapatera has the most people from one state on it, being that 6 out of 9 of the castaways are from California.
* Zapatera has the most people from one state on it, being that 6 out of 9 of the castaways are from California.
[[Category:Redemption Island Tribes]]
[[Category:Redemption Island Tribes]]

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Zapatera was a tribe from Survivor: Redemption Island

The original tribe of eight were soon joined by Veteran and notorious Villain Russell Hantz and although the tribe enjoyed success, they were disillusioned by Hantz' reputation and former tactics that eventually led to his elimination at the hands of the Zapatera Six after throwing a combined reward/immunity challenge. Soon after, the tribe started losing challenges and the majority alliance began to turn on one another. The tribe color is purple.


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  • David Murphy, a defense attorney from West Hollywood, California.
  • Julie Wolfe, a firefighter from Oceanside, California.
  • Krista Klumpp, a Pharmaceutical Representative from Columbia, South Carolina.
  • Mike Chiesl, an Iraq War Veteran from Del Mar, California.
  • Ralph Kiser, a farmer from Lebanon, Virginia.
  • [[Survivor: Samoa|»]][[Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains|»]] Russell Hantz, a returning contestant known for his devious lies and tricks using the Hidden Immunity Idol.
  • Sarita White, a Visual Effects Producer from Santa Monica, California.
  • Stephanie Valencia, a waitress from Long Beach, California.
  • Steve Wright, a former NFL Player from Huntington Beach, California.

Tribe History

Episode 1-2

Upon learning that the villainous Russell Hantz will be part of their tribe, the majority of the new players became suspicious of him, despite he swore that he would not sabotage anybody and instead, he will lead the whole tribe to victory. With the knowledge of Hantz' notoriety, this caused a rift between Russell and the others. Knowing that his speech may not be enough to persuade the others, Russell once again aligned with the petite girls; this time, it was Stephanie Valencia and Krista Klumpp and tried to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol (unknown to them, it was already found by Ralph by accident), while the others formed a six-person alliance. Despite Russell's reputation becoming a tribe sickness, Russell led Zapatera to a strong beginning, winning the first two challenges.

Episode 3-6

However, the six-person alliance felt that Russell should be disposed of immediately. The alliance of Julie, David, Sarita, Mike, Ralph, and Steve decided to purposefully loe the Day 8 Immunity Challenge to have an opportunity to vote Russell out. The planned worked, as the rival Ometepe (led by Russell's arch-rival Rob Mariano) won. Russell suspected that they had thrown the challenge, though the alliance tried to cover up their plan. After a heated first Tribal Council, the vote ended in a 3-way tie between Ralph (whose quirkiness aggravated Russell the most), Russell, and Stephanie (the alliance decided to split their votes, as Ralph has yet to divulge his possession of the idol). After a revote, the majority became successful in eliminating Russell from the tribe, and sending him to Redemption Island. Though Russell vowed that he will return, he was eliminated because he lost the duel against its incumbent inhabitant, Ometepe's Matt Elrod.

Russell's ouster proved fatal to the tribe, as the purple tribe lost in two of the next three challenges. With this, the majority alliance eliminated the remnants of Russell's alliance, Krista and Stephanie, despite David's efforts to save the latter over alliance partner Sarita, who was weaker in challenges. This gesture made David the new outsider.

Episode 7

With Russell's alliance gone, the core alliance of six started to crumble, as Sarita clashed with David because he campaigned for her ouster, despite having an alliance with him. After losing yet again another challenge, Zapatera was torn between the flaky yet athletic David and the weak yet loyal Sarita. In the end, it was Sarita who was sent to Redemption Island.

Episode 8: Re-Entrance Duel and Merge

The following day, the tribes convened at Redemption Island to witness the final pre-merge duel, where Matt prevailed once again. Immediately after his win, he and the eleven other contestants were merged into the new Murlonio tribe. They moved into a new beach for the merge. 

They never recovered from the number disadvantage with David, Julie, Steve, and Ralph being eliminated via duels as 12th through 9th place. Mike would also end up losing in the final re-entrance duel to a former Ometepe member, Andrea.



  • Zapatera is the first tribe to experience a three-way tie vote at Tribal Council.
  • Zapatera is the seventh purple tribe.
  • No one from Zapatera that was sent to Redemption Island returned to the game through Redemption Island.
  • No one from Zapatera won an Immunity Challenge post-Merge.
  • Zapatera had no unanimous votes.
  • Zapatera is the only tribe Russell Hantz was ever voted out from.
  • Zapatera is the seventh purple tribe.
  • Russell Hantz is the only male member of the tribe to not make the Merge.
  • Julie Wolfe is the only female member of the tribe to make the Merge.
  • Zapatera is the only starting tribe among all seasons that have the Redemption Island twist that does not have a representative in Survivor: Caramoan.
  • No member from Zapatera has yet to become a returning player.
  • Zapatera has the most people from one state on it, being that 6 out of 9 of the castaways are from California.


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