Zafiro​ is a tribe from La Isla 2016: La Revancha. Their tribe color is blue.


 Ana Ransanz
 Ricardo Alcalá

^1 Dr. Wagner won the duel of Playa Destierro and decided to join the Zafiro tribe.

Tribe History

On Day 2, after announcing that each tribe should voted out a man, Rafael Mercadante decided to sacrifice himself for the tribe and was voted out. But then he was surprised, because he was still in the game and he was going to Playa Destierro.

On Day 4, Ivonne Montero was considered a physical threat, so she was voted out and sent to Playa Destierro.

On Day 5, Dr. Wagner, Jr. entered the tribe after winning the first duel at Playa Destierro. This caused the tribe to vote out a man and take the place of Dr. Wagner at Playa Destierro. On Day 6, Intocable Gómez was chosen to go to Playa Destierro for his bad behavior.

On Day 8, Geraldine Bazán was voted out for be the weakest of the tribe. Then, she lost the second duel of Playa Destierro and was eliminated.

The next days Intocable, Ivonne and Rafael won the duels at Playa Destierro, but none returned to the Zafiro tribe. On Day 21, Ricardo Alcalá was chosen to compete at the Captains' Challenge, but he lost, causing the tribe to be dissolved.


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