Your Job Is Recon is the third episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Night 7

The Millennials return to camp from Tribal Council. Adam and Zeke are still shellshocked from Mari's elimination, and congratulate Figgy and Taylor for pulling the blindside off. Figgy refuses to take any credit, arguing that seven of the tribe voted with them. Figgy says, "Adam and Zeke are at the bottom at this rate if we go back to Tribal. People that write down Figgy's name go home." Hannah attempts to explain herself to Adam and Zeke. However, her efforts are unappreciated when they insist to be left alone. She continues apologizing, and misunderstands Adam and Zeke's requests for downtime as anger directed at her. Hannah hopes to bury the hatchet as she still would want to work with them as she could not see herself doing so with Figgy. Adam vents, "It's been my dream since I was 9 years old to play this game and have this experience. I did not expect my first Tribal Council to be my first 'hashtag blindside'. Now, I'm going to have to play from the bottom and it's going to take a lot of work to get back into a position of power, but I wouldn't count me out. I think I can get back up to the top again."

Day 8

At the Gen X tribe, David and CeCe express their displeasure being the outsiders along with Ken. David says, "On my tribe right now, I have a pretty good handle on what is going on and it's definitely me, Ken and CeCe on the bottom, without question. But I found an idol already. That was on my Survivor bucket list so there is hope for me. I am a Gen X'er and I don't think you should ever give up."

Chopping a coconut, Paul claims he feels as if "he was back from the dead" after his medical scare two days ago. Paul then goes out fishing, a task he finds as more difficult than when he is back home in the Florida Keys. Watching Paul at sea, Bret fantasizes on tuna and shark. Paul however returns empty handed. Ken, another able fisherman, is perplexed that he is on the outs when Paul merely shows off. He says, "Paul comes back and says there is a school of yellow-tail but he can't get them, they're too fast. I look at these people and it's like do you not see that time and time again, he says something and he doesn't follow through? Who do you want leading you into battle? People talk about CeCe; she's on the outs. David is terrified about everything physical but what about Paul? What is he currently offering the tribe? He's not providing food, he's not providing shelter, and I'm baffled that I'm on the bottom."

Back at the Millennials camp, Adam arrives holding Tree Mail that comes with a bag of rocks. The note states, "Call it a summit or call it recon, but call on four to go; orange rock in your hand, you'll represent, and return with inside info." A luck of a draw sends Figgy, Jay, Taylor, and Will to the summit to represent the Millennials. On the other hand, CeCe, Chris, David, and Paul represent Gen X. Though excited to meet new people, Jay is worried about Figgy and Taylor's capacity for public display of affection. He says, "I'm fully excited honestly to go on this journey and get to feel out the Gen X generation of we work hard and we do things the right way and I want to see. Okay, what is the right way? I really hope that Figgy and Tails don't start making out because then w're going to look like a bunch of idiots and then they are really going to have this idea that Millennials don't know what we're doing because we're letting a power couple stay in the game." As they are taken away from camp, Chris describes the summit: "On the boat, the word summit kept popping up in my head and for me that is a meeting of like when different countries come and they have a G8 summit. From the Gen X was Paul, Dave, CeCe and myself. I'm really excited to do this. This is the first time that the Gen X and the Millennials are going to mix together and, for my game, making some connections to them is a good thing. An old attorney once said to me: "You have to look at the opposition with clear eyes and a cold heart and that's how I'm trying to view this game so my strategy is to keep my mouth shut and just get information." The eight representatives arrive on an island, where food and another note awaits. Figgy reads the note, "Break bread with your rivals, a respite and a temporary truce. Then take time for some one on one, more friends you sure could use."

As they feast on bread and spreads, David asks who got voted out from the Millennials, in which Will answers Mari, and elaborates that she did not see it coming. Paul interrogates the Millennials on who might have hooked up on their tribe. Everyone, including Figgy, says none. David notices Paul showing off to the Millennials by claiming he is a band vocalist. Paul meets the Millennial's reception of him as positive, since he is as old as their parents, and they have not seen their parents for so long. Paul then calls David as an incredible person, but outs him as being terrified of everything. An unimpressed David says, "Paul wants an audience. He's in a rock and roll band and he gets on stage and he doesn't ask the audience what they think; he tells them what he thinks. That is not a guy I would ever imagine myself aligning with. Those are the guys who annoy me. Right now, I'm at the bottom with CeCe and Ken so I need to find a way to make new friends among the Millennial tribe because when there is a swap or a merge, I'm going to need their help to get rid of Paul."

Figgy brings up Ken, calling him "Ken-Doll". David and CeCe dismiss Figgy's bad impression of Ken, saying he is humble. Figgy then asks them of the goings-on at the Gen X tribe; and while David and CeCe are mostly conservative with their answers, they reveal that Paul is their tribe's leader-figure. CeCe says, "Me and David, we let Taylor and Figgy know that Paul is the head person in charge; he's the alpha male. He's the one running things in camp so leaving us alone was the stupidest decision they could have did and it may cost them a million dollars."

Figgy and CeCe walk on their own, leaving Taylor and David alone. David tells Taylor that he is open to work with them, even as far as voting against his tribe if Taylor says so. David says, "I got to have a very, very important 30-second conversation with Taylor and I mean it: Come a swap, if it's three Millennials and two Gen X, I'm getting rid of that other Gen X.

The ambassadors return to their respective camps, and David is relieved to make connections with the other tribe. CeCe tells Ken about the Millennials calling Ken, "Ken-Doll". Ken does not appreciate the nickname, explaining to them about being constantly asked "Where's Barbie?" when he was younger. Ken says, "So the Millennials know me as "Ken-Doll." They think of me as the pretty boy and all the things that come along with that; but I have the body strength and mind to make it far in this game. The Gen X tribe would be hurting if they got rid of me as far as the challenges go and my work ethic." With Paul napping in the shelter, Ken goes fishing instead, and in everyone's awe, he makes a sizable catch. Ken vents, "We need food, we need fish and what I say I do. I wind up doing 90% of the time. When I say I'll do something, I know how to do something, I do it and it works. Paul is the greatest fisherman yet he comes back empty-handed. I would never go into battle with a leader who was incompetent or incapable. You pick the person who follows through; you pick the person who does what they say they are going to do." As Ken returns to camp, he gains a sympathizer in Jessica, who expresses being increasingly fed up by Paul's obnoxiousness and empty claims. Jessica says, "Ken feels like he's on the outs and I totally understand why he feels that way because he's not part of the six. Ken wants to vote out Paul but I've committed myself to Chris and Paul and Bret and Sunday and Lucy who are my best bet moving forward to Day 36 and then Day 36 I will get to read the Legacy Advantage that I found and then utilize that to my advantage.

Day 10

The tribes convene for the next challenge, which is again both for immunity and reward. With the Millennials and Gen X'ers even with nine members each, everyone competes.

The Immunity Challenge.

The survivors are off with the Millennials establishing a small lead over Gen X by passing through the first obstacle faster. Chris catches up with Taylor at the balance beam stage. Will struggles in the balance beam while carrying his bag, allowing Bret to steal the lead for Gen X. Figgy walks across, while CeCe slows down Gen X. Will calls Taylor to take his bag for him, making him run through the balance beam again. Jeff chides CeCe for slowing her tribe down when she could just give her bag to a tribemate so she can cross the beam faster. Michaela passes CeCe, regaining and extending the Millennials' lead. CeCe finally reaches the end of the balance beam, allowing Lucy to give it a go. Taylor returns to the balance beam to carry Will and Adam's bags, allowing the two to freely pass the balance beam. Lucy falls off the balance beam and decides to leave her bag before trying to cross the beam again. As Hannah and Jay are beginning to sort out the sandbags from the coconuts as Paul also struggles to make through the balance beam. Chris runs through the course again carrying Lucy's bag to make up for lost time after which Paul decides to leave his bag to get through the balance beam faster. Chris returns to retrieve Paul's bag. Jay begins to throw sandbags to dismantle the Millennials' puzzle while Ken and Jessica are still sorting out their sandbags from the coconuts. Ken makes up for lost time as he begins toppling the Gen X puzzle. Jay clears the table of the puzzle blocks, allowing Zeke and Michelle to rebuild it. Ken finally clears his table of puzzle blocks, prompting David and Sunday to reassemble it. Zeke and Michelle however, have pulled ahead and is halfway done with their puzzle. Ultimately, Zeke and Michelle finish their puzzle first, winning the challenge for the Millennials, sending Gen X back to Tribal Council.

After the challenge, the Millennials attempt to negotiate with Jeff by exchanging their reward for fishing gear. Jeff explains he could only agree with the trade if Gen X allows it, and if the Millennials are willing to give up more of their supplies at camp, noting that that their comfort items alone would be insufficient to trade for fishing gear. Gen X outright rejects the exchange, forcing the Millennials to take back to camp with their supposed reward. Chris vents his frustration about CeCe's performance at the challenge. He says, "She wanted that personal victory of inching her way across the balance beam. Three and a half Millennials crossed in that amount of time and it was the difference maker. At Tribal Council, it's on and I'm not sure how CeCe does not go home tonight."

Back at Gen X camp, Paul is also crabbed by CeCe attributing to the loss. He says, "In my opinion, CeCe cost us the challenge, and there's no question who's going home after that...but it's Survivor, and I've seen it happen before when you get too complacent things happen, but I think everyone is on board with voting out CeCe unanimously. Bret, Sunday and Chris are at the well, agreeing that CeCe is next to go. Sunday explains, "I went to the well with Chris and Bret and we basically talked about sticking to our alliance of six. So what we have on the docket for tonight is to vote out CeCe. Voting CeCe out to keep the tribe strong is a good thing to do. She has not done well in challenges and I can't argue it at all." CeCe comes up to Jessica and Sunday what is going on, but neither gives her a satisfying answer. Worried, CeCe laments, "I am worried about tonight because I had three votes the last time and no one ever comes to me and says let's do this. Paul never comes to me. Chris, Bret, Sunday, Jessica, and Lucy, they never come to me, so I am 100% worried about that."

Later, David and Ken discuss the idea of turning the tables on Paul, expressing their mutual disdain for his egotism. David explains, "We have to get rid of Paul. As soon as Paul goes away, then some other connections and bonds can happen. There's CeCe, myself and Ken on the bottom. I have already retrieved my idol from its hiding spot, but other people could absolutely take control of the game right now if they wanted to and vote off Paul. That's all we need, and I wish they can see that there is no point in keeping Paul on their side."

Paul approaches Jessica and Sunday to confirm their agreement to vote off CeCe. While the two women are still on board, Jessica wants reassurance that the men are not having their own sub-alliance. Paul makes an off-handed response, saying, "If that came up, I will tell you. If they decided to do that, I would say, ladies, you're on your own." Jessica and Sunday tell this to Lucy; and believing they are at the bottom of the alliance, the three agree to vote Paul. Jessica says, "I'm sure CeCe, Ken, and David would vote off Paul so tonight, we have a very big decision to make. If we determine that voting out Paul will be the best thing for our tribe, I am going to be hurting two individuals that I've worked with, Bret and Chris. I'm fearful of what will happen if we don't vote off Paul, but I'm fearful of what will happen if we do vote off Paul."

Deemed as untrustworthy and overbearing, Paul is blindsided.

At Tribal Council, Jeff brings up the summit. David expresses his respect to the Millennials, and the summit somehow helped him cope with his personal insecurities. CeCe justifies her worry of being voted out, citing her receiving votes from their last Tribal Council and not being approached for strategy. She then exposes the majority alliance by saying David and Ken are just as at the bottom as she is. Chris dismisses CeCe's accusations. Jeff then brings up their loss at the Immunity Challenge, admonishing them for not working together. Bret and Sunday agree, with Sunday explaining that Gen X'ers has an absolute idea of right and wrong, while Millennials devise alternative ways to solve problems.

In the end, the women in the majority alliance join David, Ken, and CeCe in voting off the overbearing Paul, blindsiding him in a 6-3 vote.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Going Coconuts
Tribes will carry heavy bags containing coconuts and sandbags through an obstacle course. Then, one, by one, each tribe member will carry one bag while crossing over a balance beam. Once everyone is across, they must separate the coconuts from the sandbags, after which one tribe member will use the sandbags to clear a block puzzle off a table. Two other tribe members would then reassemble the dismantled puzzle. First pair to rebuild their puzzle wins the challenge for their tribe.
Reward: Comfort items such as hammocks, lounge chairs, and candles.
Winner: Vanua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S33 paul t.png
Paul (6 votes)
S33 cece t.pngS33 david t.pngS33 jessica t.png
S33 ken t.pngS33 lucy t.pngS33 sunday t.png
CeCe, David, Jessica, Ken, Lucy, Sunday
S33 cece t.png
CeCe (3 votes)
S33 bret t.pngS33 chris t.pngS33 paul t.png
Bret, Chris, Paul
S33 paul bw.png
Paul Wachter

Voting Confessionals

David was shown writing Paul's name down, and Paul was shown writing CeCe's name down.

Final Words

S33 paul bw.png

Blindsided, 150%. Apparently somebody played better than I did and I'm still kinda in shock. I'm trying to figure out who voted for me and what happened. When I got sick, it was pretty scary, but Survivor has been a great experience for me. At 52 years of age, I've been through a lot in my life, and I'd say this rates up there with number one.

Still in the Running

S33 rachel bw.png
S33 mari bw.png
S33 paul bw.png
S33 adam t.png
S33 bret t.png
S33 cece t.png
S33 chris t.png
S33 david t.png
S33 figgy t.png
S33 hannah t.png
S33 jay t.png
S33 jessica t.png
S33 ken t.png
S33 lucy t.png
S33 michaela t.png
S33 michelle t.png
S33 sunday t.png
S33 taylor t.png
S33 will t.png
S33 zeke t.png


Secret Scene

  • Hannah On Figgy: Jay and Taylor are at camp untangling Figgy's hair. In a confessional, a bewildered Hannah wonders if Figgy's looks have allowed her to slide by in life because everybody gravitates towards her. Hannah thinks that Figgy hasn't showed humility and instead craves fawning from the boys.[2]

Unaired Confessionals

  • A Real Boost For Me: [3]
  • An Impressive Individual: [4]
  • I Expected To Be Good At It: [5]
  • I Have A Couple of Options: [6]
  • I Was Dead Set Against It: [7]
  • I Wonder: [8]
  • I'm Learning: [9]
  • I'm Playing Differently: [10]
  • In A Respectful Way: [11]
  • It Was The Right Decision: [12]
  • It's a Unique Thing: Paul discusses how the Gen-X tribe is becoming increasingly cohesive due to their general maturity.[13]
  • It's Going To Happen Tonight: [14]
  • Millennials Are Very Diverse: [15]
  • Step Our Game Up: [16]
  • Summit Was Very Useful: [17]
  • They've Got To Earn It: [18]
  • This Is A Risk: [19]
  • We Know Everything Now: [20]
  • We Won Comfort: [21]

Behind the Scenes



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