The Younger Samburu Alliance (also known as Generation X or Mallrats) was an alliance on Survivor: Africa.



This alliance was presumably formed through the friendship between Lindsey Richter, Kim Powers, and Brandon Quinton of the Samburu tribe, stemming from their mutual dislike of Frank Garrison. Eventually, Silas Gaither betrayed the Older Samburu Alliance, and joined with the younger Samburu faction, creating a 4-4 deadlock in the tribe.

Taking Over

After losing the third Immunity Challenge, the Samburu tribe went to Tribal Council, neither alliance swaying in their vote. The Younger Alliance voted for Carl Bilancione, stating that he did not need the money. The Older Alliance voted for Lindsey, causing a tie. Lindsey then defeated Carl in a sudden death trivia challenge, resulting in his elimination and the younger alliance gaining control of the tribe. Later after losing the fourth challenge, the alliance continued to assert it's dominance by voting out Linda Spencer.


Following the tribe shuffle, alliance member Silas (along with Frank, and Teresa Cooper) were placed on the Boran tribe, in exchange for Lex van den Berghe, Kelly Goldsmith, and Tom Buchanan. With none of his allies on the new Boran, Silas was quickly eliminated, much to the sadness of his former alliance. After Samburu lost the target shooting challenge, a 3-3 tie between the young alliance and the new Boran members was eminent. They attempted to convince Kelly to join with them in voting for Tom, but their efforts failed. At Tribal Council, the alliance remained firm in voting for Tom. However, the Boran alliance voted for Lindsey, after being told by Kim P. that there were four previous votes against her. Since there was a tie in votes, the previous votes for Tom and Lindsey were counted. Ultimately, Lindsey was eliminated due to the four previous votes against her, opposed to Tom who had none. Following Lindsey's elimination, the alliance seemed to dissolve, though Brandon and Kim continued to vote together afterwards.



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