The Yaxhá Alliance is the majority alliance on the Yaxhá tribe in Survivor: Guatemala.

After a series of Immunity losses by the tribe, the alliance entered the merge without the numbers advantage and were largely eliminated in succession, with the exception of eventual winner Danni Boatwright, who managed to maneuver her way to the finals.


Brandon Bellinger
Days 9-21
S11 brandon t.png
Blake Towsley
Days 9-14
S11 blake t.png
Bobby Jon Drinkard
Remained Loyal
Days 9-24
S11 bobbyjon t.png
Danni Boatwright
Remained Loyal
Days 9-39
S11 danni t.png


 Gary Hogeboom
Days 18-30
S11 gary t.png


The Switch

On Day 10, a Tribe Switch occurred during a Reward Challenge in which the person voted to have the most tribe pride would remain on their tribe and the remaining members would swap, with the exception of people who were attending a picnic at the time.

On the new Yaxhá tribe, the Four original Nakúm members stuck together and picked off the three original Yaxhá members with the exception of Gary Hogeboom as he was spared due to Blake Towsley being blindsided for his weakness due to his injury.

Come the merge, the alliance was down in numbers four to six. The strength of the Nakúm alliance was eventually pointed out at the following Immunity Challenge as four of its members chose to sit out due to their comfortable position. The majority alliance could've potentially turned on each other due to Jamie Newton's aggressive behavior, however, at Tribal Council the alliance would ultimately remain strong and vote out Brandon Bellinger and eventually Bobby Jon Drinkard followed soon after. Come the final eight, the last remaining members of the alliance were Danni and Gary. The Nakúm alliance would turn on each other temporarily as Jamie's paranoia and controlling behavior among the alliance would ultimately gain their ire which would cause him to get voted out at the following Tribal Council.

A Failed Stir

At the final seven, Lydia Morales soon realized that she was on the bottom of the now five-person Nakúm alliance and proposed flipping. Gary tried to talk Lydia into joining their alliance and taking out one of the Nakúm alliance's stronger members. At Tribal Council, Gary pointed out that Judd had lied about a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol saying that it was somewhere on the ground, however, a few days prior, Gary had spotted and found the idol in a tree and played the idol at the final nine Tribal Council, granting him immunity. The lie would ultimately expose Judd in an attempt to blindside him, however, Gary was voted out due to being a huge physical and strategic opposition to the alliance.

Danni Fights Back

Following Gary's blindside, Danni had no more allies in the game and her only hope was to win individual immunity. At the final six Survivor Auction, she bid on an advantage in the next Immunity Challenge. Additionally, Judd had bought a stay with his wife and got to choose two more people to share the reward with. He shared the reward with Cindy Hall and Stephenie LaGrossa, thus exiling Rafe Judkins, Lydia, and Danni to the former Yaxhá camp. Danni used this opportunity to form an alliance with the two and get them to flip to her side. At the following Immunity Challenge, Danni used her reward and won individual immunity. At Tribal Council, Danni's plan worked and Judd was successfully blindsided after Stephenie also defected from Judd's alliance.

The Car Curse

After Judd's blindside, Danni was considered too big of a threat to keep in the game, however she had made a deal with Rafe to take him to the final two if she were to win the Final Immunity Challenge. At the following Reward Challenge, Cindy won the infamous Car Reward and had the option to give up her reward and instead give the car to the remaining four tribe members. She chose to keep the car which would ultimately result in her demise as former ally Rafe would spearhead a blindside against Cindy due to her not giving up her reward. At the following Immunity Challenge, Cindy failed to win immunity and was subsequently voted out.


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