Yaxhá (pronounced ya-shah) is a tribe from Survivor: Guatemala.

Before the game officially commenced, Yaxhá was joined by Palau returnee Stephenie LaGrossa. The tribe then went on a major losing streak, only winning one challenge pre-switch, after which it won just three more challenges. Their tribe color is blue.


 Amy O'Hara
39, Revere, MA
Police sergeant
S11 amy t
 Brian Corridan
22, New York City, NY
Ivy league student
S11 brian t
 Brianna Varela
21, Edmonds, WA
Retail salesperson
S11 brianna t
 Gary Hogeboom
46, Grand Haven, MI
Ex-NFL Quarterback
S11 gary t
 Jamie Newton
24, North Hollywood, CA
Water skiing instructor
S11 jamie t
 Lydia Morales
42, Lakewood, WA
S11 lydia t
 Morgan McDevitt
21, Decatur, IL
Magician's assistant
S11 morgan t
 Rafe Judkins
22, Pittsburgh, PA
Wilderness Guide
S11 rafe t
 Stephenie LaGrossa
25, Tom's River, NJ
S11 stephenie t

 Amy O'Hara
S11 amy t
 Blake Towsley
S11 blake t
S11 bobbyjon t
S11 brandon t
 Brian Corridan
S11 brian t
S11 danni t
 Gary Hogeboom
S11 gary t

Tribe History

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  • Yaxhá is the second tribe that Stephenie LaGrossa was the highest placing member of, following Ulong from Survivor: Palau.
  • Yaxhá is the second blue-colored starting tribe for Stephenie, again following Ulong.
  • To date, Yaxhá is the only starting tribe in a "one returnee per tribe" season to have a female returnee.


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