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Yawa is a tribe from Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. They are the "Hustlers" tribe, consisting of players who are praised for their work ethic and who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Yawa became the underdogs after losing first place in the opening challenge, followed by two Tribal Councils. After the tribe switch, the new Yawa dominated the challenges, and three Hustlers would reach the merge. Their tribe color is red.


Ali Elliott
24, Los Angeles, CA
Celebrity assistant
S35 ali t.png
Devon Pinto
24, Solana Beach, CA
Surf instructor
S35 devon t.png
Lauren Rimmer
35, Beaufort, NC
S35 lauren t.png
Patrick Bolton
25, Auburn, AL
Small business owner
S35 patrick t.png
Ryan Ulrich
23, North Arlington, NJ
S35 ryan t.png
Simone Nguyen
25, New York City, NY
Diversity advocate
S35 simone t.png

 Ben Driebergen
S35 ben t.png
 Cole Medders
S35 cole t.png
S35 jessica t.png
 Lauren Rimmer
S35 lauren t.png
 Mike Zahalsky
S35 mike t.png

Tribe History

The Hustlers

Yawa got off to a slow start, losing the opening challenge and missing out on fire. Ryan Ulrich and Devon Pinto formed an alliance on Day 1, while Ali Elliott and Patrick Bolton formed an alliance as well. Meanwhile, Simone Nguyen quickly found herself on the bottom of her tribe due to her inability to gel with the rest of the group. Patrick also started to rub Lauren Rimmer the wrong way with his boisterous personality. Ali managed to earn the trust of her tribemates.

When Yawa lost immunity on Day 6, the targets were on Simone for her weakness in the challenge and Patrick for his unpredictability. At Tribal Council, Simone was unanimously voted out.

Patrick's personality continued to wear on his tribe. Ali was thrown into a dilemma between keeping a loyal ally or maintaining tribe morale. Lauren was the other target due to her age and perceived weakness. At the Immunity Challenge, Patrick insisted on knocking all of his tribe's blocks down despite Lauren trying to intervene. This cost Yawa immunity, and increased the target on Patrick's back. At camp, Lauren campaigned against Patrick while he tried and failed to placate Lauren. The trio of Ali, Devon, and Ryan weighed their options and in the end, Patrick was voted out unanimously for costing his tribe the challenge.

The Switch

As a result of the tribe switch, Lauren was the only original Yawa member to remain on the tribe, and was joined by original Soko members Cole Medders, Jessica Johnston, and Mike Zahalsky, and original Levu member Ben Driebergen.

After winning the Reward Challenge, Jessica found an advantage in her bag of potato chips which allowed her to block the vote of a tribe member who would be attending the next Tribal Council. She shared this information with Mike and Cole, the latter of whom decided to divulge the information to outsiders Ben and Lauren. They decided to leverage Cole's leak, and this caused Jessica to lose trust in her tightest ally. Ultimately, Yawa won the Immunity Challenge and Jessica decided to block Devon from voting at Levu's Tribal Council.

Mike managed to find a Hidden Immunity Idol with the help of Jessica. Cole's antics continued to rub Ben, Mike, and Lauren the wrong way and caused them to target him. Despite hoarding food to sustain himself, Cole fainted on Day 15, which gave Mike and Ben even more of a reason to target him. However, Cole was spared when Yawa won immunity.

The five members of post-switch Yawa made it to the merge.




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