Yasur was a tribe from Survivor: Vanuatu.

The second all-female tribe in the series, their members were first to command an all-female alliance throughout the post-merge game. Their tribe color is yellow.


 Ami Cusack
31, Lakewood, CO
Coffee barista
S9 ami t
 Dolly Neely
25, Mercer, PA
Sheep farmer
S9 dolly t
 Eliza Orlins
21, Syracuse, NY
Pre-law student
S9 eliza t
 Julie Berry
23, Gorham, ME
Youth mentor
S9 julie t
 Leann Slaby
34, Kansasville, WI
Equity research assistant
S9 leann t
 Lisa Keiffer
44, New Orleans, LA
Real estate agent
S9 lisa t
 Mia Galeotalanza
29, Boston, MA
S9 mia t
 Scout Cloud Lee
59, Stillwater, OK
S9 scout t
 Twila Tanner
41, Marshall, MO
Highway repair worker
S9 twila t

 Ami Cusack
S9 ami t
 Eliza Orlins
S9 eliza t
 Leann Slaby
S9 leann t
 Lisa Keiffer
S9 lisa t
 Rory Freeman
S9 rory t
 Scout Cloud lee
S9 scout t
 Travis Sampson
S9 travis t

Tribe History

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