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Yasmin Giles is a contestant from Survivor: Samoa.

At the start of the game, Yasmin immediately showed a desire to win, which helped Galu go on a winning streak. However, after a close match, Foa Foa won their first Immunity Challenge. Yasmin targeted Monica Padilla for her lackluster challenge performance, but the tribe decided to vote out Yasmin because of her laziness around camp.


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Yasmin Giles (33)
Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.
Occupation: Hairstylist

Yasmin Giles is nicknamed "Sassy Yassy" and is ready to show everybody how she got this moniker. An opinionated motor mouth from the Motor City, she always speaks her mind.

Growing up in Detroit, Yasmin claims her life experiences have prepared her for anything that comes her way. She is aware that her know-it-all attitude can rub people the wrong way, but she doesn't care. "If you're going to give it to somebody straight, real and raw, then a big mouth doesn't matter, because they are going to think about what I said and realize Yasmin was right!"

Yasmin believes that once you get past her constant chatter, she is likeable, funny and quick-witted. In addition, working in a beauty salon has helped her learn how to hustle because she is constantly competing with the other employees for new clientele in order to earn a living. While she may look feminine, Yasmin insists she's a tomboy at heart.

A firm believer in the mantra "winners never quit and quitters never win," Yasmin claims she's a winner and she'll never quit Survivor. "I want to do this and I want to take it all the way."

Yasmin is single and currently resides in Los Angeles, Calif.[1]


Yasmin was picked by tribe leader Russell Swan as the "agile player", and she proved that she was quick during the first challenge, though they didn't win due to Liz Kim beating Shambo Waters in the puzzle and final part of the challenge. Yasmin had a fiery attitude the whole time she was on the beach, especially shown during a very physical challenge when she got smacked around by Foa Foa member Ben Browning. When Galu won, she was picked to go with Foa Foa back to their camp and observe them during Tribal Council. While at Foa Foa's camp, she got into a very heated argument about cheap shots with Ben. Russell Hantz also said he wouldn't show her any respect. Once she returned to Galu, Ben had issues with Foa Foa. After one more immunity win, Galu lost their first Immunity Challenge. Yasmin had been annoying the whole tribe with her attitude and lack of work ethic, and they decided it was her time to go. Yasmin tried to convince the tribe that Monica should be voted off for being the weakest member of the tribe. At Tribal Council, she wore her high heels and when Jeff Probst questioned her about it, she said she wanted to look pretty. She thought it was Monica going home, but she left in an 8-2 vote, with only Shambo voting with her. She was the first Galu member to go home, finishing in 16th place.

At the live Reunion Show, Yasmin and Ben made amends with Yasmin saying she forgave him and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Voting History

Yasmin's Voting History
Episode Yasmin's
Voted Against
1 Galu Tribe Immune
2 Galu Tribe Immune
3 Galu Tribe Immune
4 Monica Brett, Dave, Erik, John, Kelly,
Laura, Monica, Russell S.
Voted Out, Day 11


  • On January 9, 2010, Yasmin attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.
  • Yasmin has since made made additional appearances on television and now goes by the game of Yasmin Spain.[2]


  • Yasmin was recruited for Survivor when a casting producer approached her and asked her to apply at an open casting call.[3]
  • Yasmin has made various appearances on TV before her appearance on Survivor.[4]
  • Yasmin is the lowest-placing member of Galu. She is also the only member of Galu to be voted out before the merge, as Russell Swan was evacuated.


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