Xhakúm is the merged tribe of Nakúm and Yaxhá from Survivor: Guatemala. Their tribe color is red.

The tribe merged with six members from the Day 9 incarnations of the Nakúm tribe and four members of the Yaxhá tribe. The latter tribe was systematically eliminated until it was down to one last member who would later overcome the odds and break the majority alliance.


 Bobby Jon Drinkard
S11 bobbyjon t
 Brandon Bellinger
S11 brandon t
 Cindy Hall
S11 cindy t
 Danni Boatwright
S11 danni t
 Gary Hogeboom
S11 gary t
 Jamie Newton
S11 jamie t
 Judd Sergeant
S11 judd t
 Lydia Morales
S11 lydia t
 Rafe Judkins
S11 rafe t
 Stephenie LaGrossa
S11 stephenie t

Tribe History

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