Xavier Vançon is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs. The last member standing from the Kama Trio, he showed his survival skills and strong physical abilities early on during the game. He never strayed from his "moral principles" which led him to always vote out the least physical castaways or the least deserving in regards to involvement in camp life. His intransigence and his inability to blend in with the Outsiders of his tribe eventually provoked his demise in the game.


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53 ans - Oise (60)

Xavier est le doyen de cette édition. Technico-commercial, il aime tout superviser, orienter, commenter, et avant tout, maitriser. Bricoleur et très sportif, Xavier veut montrer que les ainés peuvent surpasser les plus jeunes…


Early on in the game, even before the tribes were made, Xavier bonded with Victor and Emilie. When the latter won the opening Poles Challenge she was eager to pick both men as her first tribemates, and Cyril, Maud, Alexandre and Chloé were chosen afterwards, as "cannon fodder". Rapidly, the trio felt very secure in their tribe and they somehow alienated the four other castaways who aligned during Kama's first Tribal Council and got rid of skydiving instructor Victor.

The following episodes, Xavier was shown as the only one among the Kama Trio to understand wind was shifting for his alliance, and he tried to remain on the sidelines. When Kama lost again, Tribe Chief Emilie was voted out, leaving Xavier the last member of his alliance. He tried to blend in with the Outsiders, knowing his position was precarious. He managed to convince them to evict Chloé at Kama's third Tribal Council, as a way to be more successful in challenges. Yet, it was not enough as he was voted out by the remaining three "Outsiders" when they lost the fourth Immunity Challenge.

With the merge looming, Xavier showed bitterness right after being voted out, not wanting to encourage his tribemates for the rest of the game. While he was being petty and accusing them of having "stolen his adventure", Tribe Chiefs Béa and Maxime contradicted him by emphasizing the mistakes the Kama Three made in the beginning.

Voting History

Xavier's Voting History
Episode Xavier's
Voted Against
1 Kama Tribe Immune
2 Chloé -
3 Chloé1 Maud
4 Kama Tribe Immune
5 Chloé Chloé
6 Alexandre Alexandre, Cyril,
Voted Out, Day 16

1 In Episode 3, Chloé used her Chief Immunity Bracelet, negating Xavier's vote against her.


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  • Xavier is the oldest castaway on La Guerre des Chefs.
  • Although he was voted before merge, Xavier is the last remaining member of his alliance, the "Kama Trio".


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