With Me or Not with Me is the penultimate episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 32

Day 33

Day 34


Reward Challenge: 5x5
The final five will each race into the jungle to a large wooden ladder. They will climb up the ladder and retrieve bags of sandbags. Next, they will race back to the beach and attempt to launch those sandbags into a series of targets. If a castaway runs out of sandbags, he or she is out of the challenge. First person to get one sandbag in each of their five targets wins reward. If all five castaways run out of bags, the bags will be replenished.
Reward: Overnight trip to a Survivor spa with a meal of chicken, beef, and cheesecake.
Winner: Joe del Campo (shared with Aubry Bracco and Cydney Gillon)

Tribal Council

Removed from Camp
S32 joe bw
Joe del Campo

Final Words

S32 joe bw

Crashing and burning and having the final say by Dr. Joe saying, "Yes, we're pulling you from the game," that was tough, but particularly at this stage in my life, I always need challenges. This was a big challenge. Suffering under the heat, and the rain. And I wanted to prove to myself that, "Yeah, you said you could do it. Can you do it?," and I did. So, for me, that was a great satisfaction.

Still in the Running

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S32 liz bw
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S32 alecia bw
S32 anna bw
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S32 neal bw
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S32 scot bw
S32 julia bw
S32 jason bw
S32 joe bw
S32 aubry t
S32 cydney t
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S32 tai t


Life at Ponderosa

After his premature elimination, Joe is examined by Dr. Joe Rowles before being taken to a local hospital to fully treat his bladder issue. It is then revealed that Joe had lost 20 lbs. during his stay in the game. Upon his arrival at Ponderosa, Debbie greets him by the docks and comforts her loyal ally. The pair then walks to the dining hut, where the rest of the jurors praise Joe for his resilience, despite being concerned about his well-being. Joe is surprised by his island makeover, especially since he had never grown a beard before. The jurors are delighted by Joe's presence, because he shared his life experiences and stories from his time in the FBI. The next day, Joe and Jason patch up their rocky relationship in the game. Joe feels appreciated by Jason's respect for his game. Getting time alone, Joe believes that the most important things in life were family and health, but most importantly to seize every opportunity in life, especially at his age.[2]

Secret Scene

  • Joe the Emperor - The secret scene takes place at the spa reward, after Aubry and Cydney have both finished their showers. Joe steps out of the shower in a pink bathrobe. He then reminisces his time in the FBI, where he had to wear a pink button-up shirt which he was proud of, just as he was proud of wearing the pink spa robe. Aubry humorously compares Joe to a Roman emperor, basking in the booze, the fruit and the food, and the women. The threesome share a toast to prosperity.[3]

Unaired Confessionals


  • This episodes marks the first time that three evacuations occurred in a single season.
  • With Joe's exit, Aubry is the last original member of Chan Loh remaining, and Tai Trang is the last man remaining.
  • This episode makes Survivor: Kaôh Rōng the first season where no Hidden Immunity Idols are played since Survivor: Tocantins, and the first three-tribe season in which at least one idol was in the game but none were played.
    • Oddly, all three idols this season were taken out of play through unconventional means: Neal's idol left the game when he was evacuated, Jason gave his idol to Scot who was then voted out, and Tai's idol expired after Joe's evacuation.

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