Witches Coven is the ninth episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Night 21

The Orkun tribe returns to camp talking about the Hidden Immunity Idol that Kelley Wentworth played at Tribal Council, which saved her from going home and instead eliminating Andrew Savage. They start asking her about where she found it, but she does not want to answer. Kimmi Kappenberg talks to Joe Anglim about how they have to break up the Witches Coven of Kelley, Abi-Maria Gomes, and Ciera Eastin, with Stephen Fishbach comparing them to the Three Witches in "Macbeth". Stephen does not want to be like King Duncan, who was killed in the night.

Day 22

The following day, Stephen, Jeremy Collins, and Keith Nale talk about Tribal Council and how Kelley knew to play the idol. Jeremy is upset that Andrew, his 'shield', is gone. Jeremy is ready to look for another idol and Stephen speculates that it will be re-hidden. The tribe then begins to search for the idol all around the camp. Abi-Maria and Joe are searching for the idol in the same vicinity when she asks him to go away so that she can use the bathroom. She then goes and tells Kelley about how Joe was looking for an idol by Tree Mail. Kelley talks about the paranoia among the majority Bayon Alliance and says that she wants to have a big move at the next Tribal Council.

Later, the rain has started as the tribe shows up for the Reward Challenge, Styx. The winning team will get a Survivor spa day, including a hot shower, a massage, then sandwiches, salad, and dessert. They break into teams of five and Abi-Maria is not picked for either team, leaving her with no shot at reward.

The teams start with the staircase, with the purple team of Ciera, Joe, Stephen, Spencer Bledsoe, and Tasha Fox getting it built first. Joe gets the key unknotted for his team, while the green team of Ciera, Jeremy, Keith, Kelley, and Kelly Wiglesworth lag behind.

The purple team begins to work on puzzle to reveal the combination to get their flag up as the green team finally gets their staircase together. Jeremy works on the key through the obstacle course. The purple team gets their combination but are not sure of the order, allowing the green team to catch up at the puzzle. However, the purple team manages to finish their puzzle first to win the spa reward. The green team, along with Abi-Maria, are sent back to camp empty-handed and embarrassed at their poor showing.

The winning team arrives at the spa and dig into the food and lemonade, feeling happy to have this competitive edge. Ciera is happy to have some time to work on strategy. She asks the others if they want to talk strategy while Joe is in the shower. Stephen says that the Witches Coven is desperate and that their votes can matter. Ciera brings up that if they go to the end with Jeremy, they will not win sitting beside him. However, Stephen thinks that the old school alliance strategy will not hold. Ciera mentions that Kelly has been playing smart and has a lot of people on her side. Stephen says that the game is moving faster than it ever has in the past.

Back at camp, the rest of the tribe looks for seafood. Jeremy is upset that his team was crushed in the challenge and he walks off to look for the idol. He digs around Tree Mail, and then goes looking in trees near Tree Mail. Sure enough, he finds something a clue which tells him that after everyone has gone sleep, he would need to follow the trail on the provided map to find the idol.

The reward winners return to camp, and Jeremy hopes that everyone nods off so he can go find the idol. Much to his chagrin, however, the tribe hangs out by the fire and stays up late. Jeremy finally says that the food messed up his stomach and he has to go to the bathroom, and he takes off in the night searching for the idol and spots a torch. He spots the idol hanging on a tree at the edge of a clearing and unties it, observing that no two idols look the same this season.

Day 23

No footage from Day 23 was aired.

Day 24

Joe talks to Kelly, while from afar, Stephen notices them bonding. Stephen sees them both as huge threats and wants to make a big move to take one of them out. He approaches Abi-Maria, Ciera, and Kelley and says that he knows that they do not trust each other, but that he is willing to work with them. Ciera asks him to tell them whose name to write down, promising that they will, leading him to mention that Kelly is a big power player. Abi-Maria agrees that Kelly's social game is great and that they are ready to send her home. Ciera is happy that people are coming to them.

The tribe then meets with host Jeff Probst for the Immunity Challenge, Bermuda Triangles. Rain pours down on them as they take their first stance. Keith says he wishes he had a bigger foot to make it easier. After 8 minutes, Probst offers them an incentive to drop out of the challenge. He pops up buoys and says that the first to touch their buoy will receive an advantage. Spencer and Stephen immediately jump off and swim for it, but Stephen gets to his buoy first to win the advantage. Probst asks Stephen when he knew he wanted it, and Stephen says instantly; Spencer rues that he decided a millisecond too late.

At the 10 minute mark, the remaining castaways now have to make it to the top of the podium. If they fall transitioning to the top, they will be eliminated from the challenge. Kelley, Kimmi, Jeremy, Ciera, and Tasha all fall, leaving Abi-Maria, Joe, Keith, and Kelly still in it. While Joe struggles to regain his balance, Abi-Maria says that she feels great and can stay there all day. Keith wobbles a bit as the rain and wind pick up, eventually losing his balance and eliminating him. Joe wobbles but recovers. After another 20 minutes, Abi-Maria, Joe, and Kelly must transition to standing with one foot only. Kelly cannot make the transition in time and is disqualified, leaving Abi-Maria and Joe both wobbling. With the rain coming down in buckets, Abi-Maria falls and Joe wins his third individual immunity.

After the challenge, Probst hands Stephen his advantage and instructs him to open it in private. He then sends the tribe back to camp.

Upon returning to camp, everyone congratulates Joe. They all huddle shivering in the shelter. Kimmi is happy that Joe won and wants to vote out one of the Witches Coven. Kimmi talks to Jeremy and Tasha about splitting the vote to send one of the Witches Coven home. The Bayon Alliance then agrees to split the vote between Ciera and Kelley, with Kelley as the primary target.

Elsewhere, Stephen goes to read his advantage, which he discovers is a Vote Steal. However, he does not plan on using it at that night's Tribal Council, which he thinks he can win with smarts. Stephen talks to the Witches Coven about blindsiding against Kelly Wiglesworth. He tells them that he needs to get one more vote to pull off their plan.

He goes to talk to Jeremy and Spencer about going after Kelly, telling them that they need to shift the game to move themselves up the pecking order. He says that the three of them are at the bottom of the alliance right now and can shift things. Spencer says that he would be happy to see Kelly gone, but that it would hard to trust the Witches Coven. Spencer worries that it would destroy his game. He asks how confident Stephen is that the Witches Coven will vote against Kelly, and Stephen assures him that they will. Jeremy is hesitant to go with Stephen instead of the Bayon Alliance, but remarks that he trusts him. Stephen says that this is a game of voting blocs, not long-term alliances. Jeremy fears if they take out Kelly, their remaining allies—Joe, Keith, Kimmi, and Tasha—will be mad, but explains that he wants to make a big move at the right time.

The rain begins again as the tribe arrives at Tribal Council. Stephen says that it is cold and hard to think straight. Keith says that he has only gotten two hours of sleep, no food, rendering it hard for him to think straight as well. Kelley says that she hopes that her playing the idol at the previous Tribal Council opened people's eyes about making a move. Ciera says that anything can happen, while Joe says that if you think someone is coming for you, you have to get them first.

Jeremy says the game is about voting blocs. Spencer agrees, but adds that there is a need build trust and make sure that it will not disappear. Kelly says that the votes will show who is aligned with whom and hopes that everyone will do what they said they would, remarking that she feels safe. Stephen says that the game is evolving and that alliances are not as defined as they have been in the past. He argues that there is a need to be flexible at times. Tasha stresses the need for people you can trust to dominate the game. Probst asks who is worried that it might be them. Abi-Maria, Ciera, Kelley, Spencer, Stephen, and Tasha raise their hands, with Spencer remarking that it is bold to admit it.

Probst then calls for the vote. Tasha votes for Ciera, while Keith votes for Kelley as part of the Bayon Alliance's split vote plan. Meanwhile, Kelley votes for Kelly. Probst goes to tally the votes, while on the jury, Andrew tells Kass McQuillen that this will be the warmest that the others will be tonight. Jeremy does not play either of his idols, and Probst reads the votes: Ciera, Kelley, Kelly, Ciera, Kelley, Kelly, Ciera, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly. Jeremy, Spencer, and Stephen reneged on the Bayon Alliance's plan and sided with the Witches Coven. Kelly, in a huge, stunning blindside becomes the ninth person voted out of Survivor: Cambodia and the 3rd member of the jury, leaving Joe, Keith, Kimmi, and Tasha shocked.

Probst says that this confirms that there is an evolution in gameplay and says that he cannot wait to see where it goes, before sending the Orkun tribe back to camp.


Challenge: Styx
Teams have to place poles of varying lengths into their holders to form a staircase, and then run up it. Then, they would then make their way through a multistory wooden maze. Once every team member had made it through the maze, one member would have to retrieve a key and use it to unlock a box of puzzle pieces. Two other team members would then have to use the puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle, which displayed three numbers. They then have to use the three numbers to unlock a combination that would enable them to raise their flag. The first team to raise their flag wins.
Reward: A spa trip.
Winner: Purple Team (Ciera Eastin, Joe Anglim, Spencer Bledsoe, Stephen Fishbach, and Tasha Fox)

Challenge: Bermuda Triangles
The castaways would stand on footholds on a platform over the water. At regular intervals, they would move up to a higher set of footholds, making it harder to balance. After 10 minutes, the castaways would move to the top of the platform. After another 20 minutes, any remaining castaways will have to balance on one foot, where the last person left standing wins immunity.
Additional Stipulation: At some point during the challenge, castaways will have the opportunity to win an advantage in the game, by forfeiting the challenge and jumping off their pedestals in order to race to their buoys. The first to reach their buoy gets the advantage, which is secret (later revealed as a Vote Steal useable at any Tribal Council up to the final five).
Winner: Joe Anglim (Stephen Fishbach won the advantage)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 9:
S31 kelly t
Kelly (6 votes)
S31 abimaria tS31 ciera tS31 jeremy t
S31 kelley tS31 spencer tS31 stephen t
Abi-Maria, Ciera, Jeremy, Kelley, Spencer, Stephen
S31 ciera t
Ciera (3 votes)
S31 kelly tS31 kimmi tS31 tasha t
Kelly, Kimmi, Tasha
S31 kelley t
Kelley (2 votes)
S31 joe tS31 keith t
Joe, Keith
S31 kelly bw
Kelly Wiglesworth

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Ciera) I'm voting for you because it's part of the plan. I just hope it works.


(voting for Kelley) Sorry, girl.


(voting for Kelly) I really hope this plan works. There's only room for one Kell(e)y on this island.


Final Words

S31 kelly bw

I didn't hope to go out this early. I know I was voted out because I'm a threat. I mean, I figured the three girls were gonna vote for me. It's the two other votes that I kind of suspect. I hope it wasn't Joe. It's a much different game this time than it was last time. It's not really my style, so...they can have at it. (chuckles)

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw
S31 shirin bw
S31 peihgee bw
S31 jeff bw
S31 monica bw
S31 terry bw
S31 woo bw
S31 kass bw
S31 andrew bw
S31 kelly bw
S31 abimaria t
S31 ciera t
S31 jeremy t
S31 joe t
S31 keith t
S31 kelley t
S31 kimmi t
S31 spencer t
S31 stephen t
S31 tasha t


Life at Ponderosa

Kelly Wiglesworth gets her customary post-game weigh-in where she lost 15 lbs. While on her way to Ponderosa, she says that just like in her first season Borneo, she came for the experience and not to win the money. When she arrives at Ponderosa, Andrew Savage and Kass McQuillen warmly welcome her. She takes a shower and then sits down to eat a bacon cheeseburger and fries. She reveals to Andrew and Kass that her birthday will be the next day. Kelly states that she is glad that Andrew and Kass are speaking to each other.

The next day, on her birthday, Kelly relaxes on the beach and does some jogging and yoga.[2]


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