Who's the Sucker at the Table? is the fourth episode of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Night 10

The Gen X tribe returns to camp after voting out Paul, and Bret and Chris are visibly upset by Jessica's betrayal. Jessica attempts to explain her actions but both men refuse to listen. Sunday and Lucy insist they had to vote Paul out because he deliberately told Jessica he would prefer to have an all-male alliance. Bret and Chris insist Paul never brought this up to them. Jessica remarks, "Tonight, there's some very unhappy people, especially Bret and Chris. Whether or not they'll believe me, I really don't know. I think there's too much anger, I am very nervous now. I'm hoping that this wasn't a bad idea."

Day 11

At Gen X, Sunday still laments betraying Bret and Chris, and while Lucy feels the same, she pragmatically suggests the give the guys time. Lucy states, "This morning, I felt bad because Bret and Chris felt betrayed. It's almost like you feel you cheated on somebody and then now the relationship has to mend itself." Lucy then expresses she also distrusts Jessica and admits, "I feel like I need to do something about it." Lucy comes up to Bret and Chris and explains that it was Jessica who masterminded Paul's blindside, though Lucy admits she only went with the plan because they wanted to take the power away from Paul. To assure them she is telling the truth, Lucy claims Ken and David completely trust her and they are willing to vote Jessica out next if they want to. Confounded by Lucy's sudden change of heart, Bret states, "Lucy comes up saying Jessica is pulling all the strings, and I applaud her for that, but you've now shown your cards." Chris is equally suspicious, but is bent on getting even with Jessica. He says, "Lucy feels like she has David and Ken in her pocket and we could possibly make a move on Jess. I don't like Jess, I can't stand her, so If I can help chop Jess that's what I'm going to do now." Bret and Chris agree it has to be Jessica next, with Bret saying, "Next Tribal [Council], you gotta zap her ass."

At the Millennial camp, with everyone hungry, Jay suggests to hunt for animals, with Zeke pointing out there are animal footprints nearby. Jay remarks, "The definition of millennial would be a young person with a lot of dreams ready to go out and conquer the world. Gen X are like, "high school, college, nine-to-five, get a life." I don't want that." Jay, Figgy, Taylor, Will, and Zeke go hunting and find a goat up the hillside. As the group attempt to sneak behind the goat, Adam seizes the opportunity to look for a Hidden Immunity Idol. With nobody seemingly interested in looking for the idol Adam comments, "Hidden Immunity Idol-searching has really died down at this camp, but I have a feeling that it might still be out there. So, I really have to re-dedicate myself to that search, because After Mari was voted out, my head is definitely on the chopping block and if I can somehow get my hands on an idol, I can save myself." Adam spots a rolled up clue and unrolls it, revealing a map denoting the part of the beach where the idol is hidden. Adam reads the clue: Mother Nature hides your safety. Your tribe motif marks the power. You prize is well "shell"-tered to protect you at the crucial hour. Once in hand, give it a crack, insurance for when things go dour. An ecstatic Adam says, "For a Survivor super-duper fan like me, this is what dreams are made of." With Jay's party returning to camp however, Adam reluctantly decides to look for the idol some other time.

The two tribes convene at a sand spit for the Reward Challenge where the Millennials are shocked to see Paul voted out of the tribe. After explaining the rules of the challenge, Jeff uncovers the reward, revealing steaks, sausages, vegetables, spices, and a grill to cook them all with. With one extra member, the Millennials sit out Michelle.

For the first round, it's Jay and Adam versus Chris and David. As all four swim toward the ring, Jay blocks Chris, allowing Adam to freely retrieve the ring. However, Chris catches him, steals the ring, and tosses it to an open David. Chris pins Jay and Adam down as David easily scores Gen X's first point.

Figgy and Michaela take on CeCe and Sunday for the second round. The Gen X ladies stand by and let the Millennial girls take the ring. Figgy pulls CeCe and the ring while Michaela fights off Sunday. Michaela then helps Figgy drag the ring, and with her brute strength, she pulls the entire foursome toward the Millennial finish pole, winning her tribe their first point.

For the next round, it is Taylor and Will going up against Bret and Ken. In a close showdown, Bret and Ken score Gen X's second point.

Mvgx water slaughter

In a topless finish, Michaela overpowers Jessica and Lucy, winning the second point for the Millennials.

Round four pits Hannah and Michaela against Jessica and Lucy. Jessica reaches the ring first, while Lucy takes a hold of Hannah and Michaela. Michaela takes her bathing suit off to escape Lucy and engages Jessica. Hannah and Lucy then join the tussle, but once again, Michaela powers through and reaches the Millennial pole, scoring the second point for her tribe.
Survivor- millennials vs. gen x - e04 - still - h - 2016

In a fierce fifth and final round, Chris and David win reward for the Gen X tribe.

For the fifth and final round, Jay and Zeke face Chris and David. Because Zeke could not pin down Chris because of the latter's sheer size, he distracts him by splashing him with water while Jay takes the ring. However, Chris gets past Zeke and engages Jay. A tall wave hits the four, but Chris remains oriented due to his height. As the four reach the finish poles, another wave hits, but it only pushes Chris closer to the Gen X pole, winning the third and winning point for Gen X.

The Millennials return to camp unfazed by the loss, with Zeke noting the Gen X men are too stocky, most notably Chris. Michaela is commended however for her performance. Michaela comments, "You can either lose or let your bathing suit get ripped off and win. So, I was like, They're about to see some tah-tahs today!" Adam on the other hand has accepted he is not an athlete, and returns his attention in finding the Hidden Immunity Idol. He says, "I wish I could've performed better, but that was never gonna be my challenge. I'm not super comfortable with totally physical competition. I just feel I have to find this idol more than ever, but I don't have a whole lot of time left because I need to make sure I find it before we either go back to Tribal Council or we swap." Adam takes a private spot to reread the clue and begins searching at the marked area on the map where the idol is hidden. After much searching, Adam finds a large clam shell with the Vanua tribe motif painted on it. He pries the shell open and finds the idol inside. Just as Adam looks for a pocket to tuck his idol in, Hannah calls him from a distance, asking him if he has found it. While scared Hannah might have caught him finding the idol, Adam tells her has not found it. Hannah wishes him good luck and walks away. Adam mutters, Mom, this is for you, I love you so much, dedicating his idol to his terminally-ill mother. He emotionally explains, "It was really tough to make the decision to come out here. My mom was diagnosed about seven months ago with stage four lung cancer. It's such a devastating disease."

Day 12

S33 press photos ep4 0046

Chris at the Immunity Challenge.

At the Gen X camp, as the tribe cooks what was left of their meat reward, Lucy and David are on the way to the woods to collect water, with Ken catching up to them. Worried the heat is still on him, David says, "I think the smartest thing for me right now is to go along with wherever the majority is leaning." David tries to get information from Lucy, but Lucy assures him and Ken they have nothing to worry about, because the majority is planning on taking Jessica out next. Lucy then warns them not to talk to anyone else or else she will get upset. Miffed by Lucy's dictatorial approach to them, Ken rants, " Lucy approached me and Dave and said we're gonna vote out Jess; and what really got to me was that, Lucy basically had a list of rules and regulations on what we were and weren't allowed to do. We went from one dictator to another and it doesn't fly with me."

S33 press photos ep4 0047

Sunday, Bret, Jessica, CeCe, and Lucy pulling Chris up.

The two tribes meet for the Immunity Challenge. With the Millennials having one extra member, Adam sits out. Figgy and Chris go out first for their tribes, with Chris reaching his chair first. Sunday, Bret, Jessica, CeCe, and Lucy pull the ropes to pull Chris up. Figgy is right behind Chris, with Will, Jay, Taylor, Zeke, and Hannah pulling her up. Gen X maintains the lead as Chris collects all his ten bags quicker. Chris is brought back to the ground, with Ken running through the course next. Michaela goes out next for the Millennials where she makes up time, though David, the next Gen X to run through the course, is still ahead. With both tribes already collected their bags, they begin to solve the mystery phrase.
S33 press photos ep4 0061

Michaela and Figgy struggling to figure out the mystery phrase.

Both tribes struggle to decipher the mystery phrase, having to maneuver 30 letter tiles hoping to spot one of the words. The Millennials compare ideas without moving their letters while the Gen X'ers feverishly experiment on different word combinations. 45 minutes into the puzzle-solving portion of the challenge, neither tribe still barely has any progress, until Zeke realizes the first two words could be "SOMEBODY LOSES", whittling down their letter choices immensely. Momentarily, the Millennials finally decrypts the mystery phrase, "SOMEBODY LOSES THEIR FLAME TONIGHT", winning them immunity, thus sending Gen X back to Tribal Council.

The Gen X tribe returns to camp dejected by their third loss. Chris comments, "Losing immunity today was a tough loss. Tonight at Tribal, I'm not sure what's gonna happen, like Bret and I got blindsided two nights ago, so I don't feel comfortable at all. But we have a plan to blindside Jess and I'm counting on Lucy to make that happen." Chris talks to Lucy to know if Ken and David are really with them. Lucy reassures him that they are on board with them. Lucy explains, "I'm like a tiger mom, because the scenario that I love is me being in control. If it's successful at home, it should be successful here."

Meanwhile, David and Ken compare notes, and they realize that both of them, as well as CeCe are in the minority. Ken suggests to use the information they got from Lucy to convince Jessica into voting with them, and through Jessica, they will be able to get Sunday's support to get a majority vote of five. David says, "In real life, I think Lucy is used to like calling the shots, but out here, you have to be careful to say the wrong thing or rub people the wrong way, because you can really piss some people off, and that's exactly happened. And now, Ken wants her voted out." To set their plan in motion, Ken works on Jessica while David works on CeCe; and while David convincing CeCe is easy enough, Ken persuading Jessica to believe she is being targeted proves difficult. Ken spills the beans about Lucy telling them that the men are planning to vote Jessica all along, and if Jessica does not talk to Sunday into voting with them, Jessica goes home. Failing to process Ken's revelation, Jessica says, "I'm stunned. Ken's telling me that I'm now the one people are gunning for because I was the mastermind behind the Paul thing, which surprises me greatly, because I felt we came with it together, so it seems a little suspicious."

Later, Jessica goes to Lucy to confirm Ken's statements, but Lucy guarantees her that CeCe is the true intended target. Jessica then incriminates Ken to Lucy, upsetting her. David happens to be near the shelter as Lucy informs Chris that Ken told Jessica about the plan. David comments, "Right now, things are blowing up in a big way." David tells Ken that Jessica exposed him to Lucy, which makes Ken doubt if Jessica is trustworthy.

Lucy confronts Ken, asking him why did he leak the plan to Jessica. Ken explains he disliked how she approached her that morning. Lucy argues Ken should have been grateful because he is not being targeted. Lucy vents, "Why start having emotions about voting people off right now?"

Preparing to leave for Tribal Council, David informs Bret, Chris, and Lucy that he is voting for Jessica. Fearing Lucy does not believe him, David says, "Another option I have is I could play my Immunity Idol for Jessica and save her."

Takali third tribal council

The Gen X tribe back at Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Chris explains that the last vote was a blindside and left the tribe in chaos thereafter. Jessica still hopes she and the remaining members of Paul's alliance remain strong. Lucy describes the last vote as a catalyst that brought out everyone's insecurities, thus why several names were thrown around. Jeff digs into Lucy's side of the story more, prompting Lucy to call out Ken for leaking the plan to oust Jessica. Ken owns up to the leak, but it only came from the heels of Lucy being bossy towards him earlier that morning. Lucy describes herself as blunt and believes that men can handle bluntness. Lucy tries to defend herself, but Jeff calls her out, telling her she is forcing her viewpoint on Ken more showing it. Ken then calls out Jessica for ratting him out when he was trying to save her. Jessica argues she does not trust him fully, but Ken tells him she should have. The two glare at each other. David interjects and describes the Tribal Council being "alive".

Vo lucy

To prove his and Ken's warnings to Jessica are in fact true, David uses his Hidden Immunity Idol to save Jessica. With this, CeCe and David's votes for Lucy are enough to send her home.

Before Jeff reads the votes, David stands up and presents his Hidden Immunity Idol to him, stating he is using it for Jessica. Ken and David's warning to Jessica is proven to be true after all: Jessica receives five votes, enough to send her home. From the three remaining votes, CeCe receives one, but Lucy has two, enough to send her home. Lucy Huang, the 42 year-old dietician becomes the fourth casualty of Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X.


Challenge: Water Slaughter
Two members per tribe raced to retrieve a ring in the water; a tribe scored a point when one of their members had one hand on the ring and one hand on their tribe's starting pole. The first tribe to score three points wins.
Reward: Grill with meats, vegetables, and spices.
Winner: Takali

Challenge: Angry Chair
Three tribemates, one at a time, raced through a series of obstacles to a chair, where five other tribemates used a pulley system to lift them across a vertical structure to retrieve ten puzzle pieces. Once all thirty pieces were retrieved, the three retrievers used them to solve a word puzzle. The first tribe to do so won immunity.
Winner: Vanua

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S33 jessica t
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S33 bret tS33 chris t
S33 ken tS33 lucy tS33 sunday t
Bret, Chris, Ken, Lucy, Sunday
(votes not counted)
S33 lucy t
Lucy (2 votes)
S33 cece tS33 david t
CeCe, David
S33 cece t
CeCe (1 vote)
S33 jessica t
S33 lucy bw
Lucy Huang

Voting Confessionals

S33 chris t

(voting for Jessica) This is for you, Pauley. Torpedos away.

Final Words

S33 lucy bw

I almost controlled the whole situation, and it almost worked. I wasn't expecting Dave to use the immunity, and I was quite shocked. I just went full force and probably should've just taken it a little slower. That's one of the lessons I was learning, but, unfortunately, a little too late. (chuckles)

Still in the Running

S33 rachel bw
S33 mari bw
S33 paul bw
S33 lucy bw
S33 adam t
S33 bret t
S33 cece t
S33 chris t
S33 david t
S33 figgy t
S33 hannah t
S33 jay t
S33 jessica t
S33 ken t
S33 michaela t
S33 michelle t
S33 sunday t
S33 taylor t
S33 will t
S33 zeke t


Secret Scene

  • Gen X Enjoys Reward: Takali celebrates after their Day 11 victory. Sunday Burquest is happy that the reward has allowed the Gen X tribe to rebond and treat Paul Wachter's blindside as water under the bridge. Chris Hammons is glad that his role in the challenge has allowed him to prove himself to the tribe.[2]

Unaired Confessionals

Behind the Scenes



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