Whiners Are Wieners is the tenth episode of Survivor: Philippines.


Night 25

Day 26

Day 27


Challenge: Snare the Drum
Castaways are split up into two teams of four for this challenge. In 3 circles are two drums (one red, one yellow). Each team must attempt to flip over 3 of their drums at the same time, while preventing the other team from doing so. First team to earn 3 points wins the reward.
Reward: A day at the spa, feast.
Winner: Red Team (Abi-Maria Gomes, Carter Williams, Malcolm Freberg, and Pete Yurkowski)

Challenge: Push Your Luck
Castaways must navigate a buoy through a rope course. The first five to complete the course advances to the 2nd course, where they must navigate the buoy through a rope maze while moving across a balance beam. The first three to complete advances to the 3rd and final course, where they must navigate the buoy through a water course. The first person to complete the final course will win Immunity.
Winner: Carter Williams

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
S25 abimaria t.png
(used Hidden Immunity Idol)
S25 denise t.pngS25 lisa t.pngS25 michael t.png
Denise, Lisa, Michael
(votes not counted)
S25 pete t.png
Pete (3 votes)
S25 carter t.pngS25 jonathan t.pngS25 malcolm t.png
Carter, Jonathan, Malcolm
S25 malcolm t.png
Malcolm (2 votes)
S25 abimaria t.pngS25 pete t.png
Abi-Maria, Pete
S25 pete bw.png
Pete Yurkowski

Voting Confessionals

S25 abimaria t.png

(voting against Malcolm) This is for you. Hope you go home tonight.

Final Words

S25 pete bw.png

I felt bad for Abi. Uh, she's crying and everybody ripped her apart. Uh, I've kind of learned to deal with her, but, I mean, I needed to for my game. Malcolm has a lot of power right now, he's definitely someone that they needed to get rid of, but they didn't want to do anything with it. I have a ton of regrets, but I feel good about how I left the island. I'm not happy I left it, but I did what I could.

Still in the Running

S25 zane bw.png
S25 roxy bw.png
S25 angie bw.png
S25 russell bw.png
S25 dana bw.png
S25 dawson bw.png
S25 katie bw.png
S25 rc bw.png
S25 jeff bw.png
S25 artis bw.png
S25 pete bw.png
S25 abimaria t.png
S25 carter t.png
S25 denise t.png
S25 jonathan t.png
S25 lisa t.png
S25 malcolm t.png
S25 michael t.png


Behind The Scenes

  • In an interview with Dalton Ross, Jeff Probst stated that during the test run of the Reward Challenge, the Dream Team initially did a more physical approach to the challenge compared to the actual survivors performing the challenge. The Dream Team wrestled each other to hinder the other team from flipping their drums.[2]
  • Pete tries to convince Abi to let him use her Hidden Immunity Idol. Abi refuses to do so because she does not want to come across as "stupid". Pete dismisses the argument, saying that Brandon Hantz giving up his Immunity Necklace (and was promptly voted out) in "Then There Were Five" befitted "stupid" more.

Life at Ponderosa


  • During the Reward Challenge, the teams are coincidentally separated by age where the tribe members that are over 40 years old are in the yellow team, while those that are under 40 years old are in the red team.
  • This is the only post-merge episode of Philippines in which Jonathan Penner is present and doesn't receive votes.
  • During the last stage of the Immunity Challenge, the three castaways who competed were placed on platforms and boats whose colors represent their original tribe (Carter for Kalabaw, Michael Skupin for Tandang, and Denise for Matsing).
    • Coincidentally, each one would go on to be the highest-ranking member of their respective original tribes (although Michael ties with Lisa Whelchel for the highest-ranking Tandang member).
  • After this episode, Michael Skupin is the last male from Tandang left in the game.


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