What Goes Around, Comes Around is the seventh episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Night 15

Upon returning to camp from Tribal Council, Dan thanked his Espada tribemates for keeping him over Yve. Chase secretly feared that Yve's elimination might hurt them in future challenges.

It will definitely be a hard pill to swallow if Dan costs us in challenges, but we made our decisions, we made our beds and we got to lay in it.

–Chase Rice

Later, Chase approached NaOnka and Holly to eliminate Alina next. Both women agreed

I never trusted her at all. So we need to get Alina out next.

–NaOnka Mixon

At La Flor, Marty and Jill were both in awe after how the vote went. They asked the younger members of how and why their Tribal Council ended up that way. Fabio and Sash confessed that they wanted to flush Marty's Hidden Immunity Idol should he used it. Marty was stunned by their explanation and was even more dismayed upon learning that Jane voted him.

You've got to have big, big cojones to pull the move that I pulled tonight, which is I did not play the Immunity Idol.

–Marty Piombo

Day 16

At La Flor, Marty approached Jane of how their Tribal Council went down to Kelly B.'s elimination. Jane replied that she was just as surprised as him. Marty then asked of why she voted against him at the previous Tribal Council. Marty argued that he never lied to her.

I want you to know that, because I don't think you voted for Brenda and I think you wrote my name down last night.


Jane only answered with a laugh. Later, Marty went to Jill and told her about the former's conversation with Jane.

I'm hoping that Jane will be next, but Marty and I are really scrambling around from behind the eight ball to try and stay here. I don't' know if it's going to work.


At the Reward Challenge, in which Fabio urinated in the pool, Benry landed the last point, earning victory for Espada. They won a visit to a local farm, where they would enjoy breakfast the next morning.

Day 17

Early in the morning at La Flor, Jane got up first and was eager to catch fish following their challenge loss.

I can do a whole lot more than Marty and Jill ever thought I could do. So I'm trying to stay in the good graces of the four tribe members that I have made friends with over here at the La Flor team.

–Jane Bright

Sash woke up second, and was told by Jane of all of her chores throughout the day. In a confessional, Sash revealed that he was happy that the older members were doing the chores for him, making his life on the island easy.

In the long run, for me, who stays in this game isn't a matter of how hard you work around camp, it's about how loyal you are to me.

–Sash Lenahan

Meanwhile, the Espada tribe was on their way to the farm, while riding horses. Being a rancher himself, Chase reminded himself of home, especially his father, who recently died.

I really, really miss my dad. Just being here, the first reward that I get and being able to spend it on a horse, which was just unbelievable because it just reminded me like God, he's just here. He's with me.


Upon reaching the farm, their first order of business was milking a cow. Later, the tribe enjoyed breakfast.

The six of us sitting down and being so appreciative of a meal, it became very emotional for a lot of us.

–Holly Hoffman

While feasting, Alina and Holly started crying after seventeen days of starvation. NaOnka, on the other hand, comforted them, but was still unmoved of Alina's personality.

Alina is so grimy. She is so grimy and so sneaky. I think she got emotional because she is trying to keep herself in the game, but I can put on a show just like Alina.


Back at La Flor, where the rest of the tribe was still sleeping, Jane continued her attempts to catch fish. After catching a handful of catfish, Jane decided to cook one for herself and spare the rest for her tribe mates. Stealing the tribe's flint and smuggling some firewood, Jane ignited a fire and cooked one catfish in the middle of the jungle.

He who doesn't fish with me shouldn't get all the riches.


Day 18

At the Immunity Challenge, La Flor initially gained a lead, but later clashed about putting the gutter in the correct angles to break the other tiles. Eventually, La Flor's scrambling made Espada catch up with a streak of hits. Benry and Alina destroyed the final tile, winning Espada immunity, sending La Flor to Tribal Council.

Back at la Flor camp, the younger members considered splitting their votes to Jill and Marty. Their plan was: 1) three people will vote for Marty and two people vote for Jill, 2) they will tell Marty that he is getting the majority of the votes, which may force him to play his Idol, 3) When he plays the Idol, this will force a tie between Jill and whomever Marty and Jill cast their two votes for, and 4) In the tiebreaker, they will then all vote for Jill. Jane approached and told them that she will vote for Marty.

I hope Marty goes home. It's still icing on the cake if Jill goes home. I want the cake and I want to eat it too and I want both of them gone.


Later, Sash made a bold plan by outright telling Marty about the former's plan and then asked him to give up the Hidden Immunity Idol, proposing that if Marty gives up the Idol, he will be spared, but he must sacrifice Jill. To sweeten the deal, Sash promised to return the Idol if they lose the next Immunity Challenge. Feeling that he has no choice, Marty agreed.

I'd rather give it to Sash because maybe if he lives up to his word, I would live one more cycle. One more cycle could potentially get me to the merge and then things are wide open.


Eventually, Marty halfheartedly gave his Idol to Sash.

Marty made a big mistake. That's probably his biggest mistake in the game.


At Tribal Council, a scrambling Marty turned on Jane after gunning for him at the previous vote. Brenda rebutted that he misunderstood Jane, because she felt that she was a genuine and likable person. Marty then confessed about being vulnerable after giving up his Idol to Sash. Jeff asked Sash of his true intentions about the Idol, or if he had plans of passing to his alliance partners.

At this moment, I don't think it serves a purpose, but if there's a time when I lose trust in them OR I'm sorry if there's a time when they lose trust in me, then I'll have to turn it over.


Sash's gesture irked some of his alliance members. Eventually, Marty was indeed spared by Sash's alliance, though his closest ally Jill was sent home, making her the eighth casualty of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Challenge: Jump Shot
One member of each tribe will be the defender standing on a perch in the water while one at a time, members of the other tribe leap off a platform into the water and attempt to throw a ball past the defender and into the net. The first tribe to get five balls in the net wins.
Reward: A visit to a Nicaraguan ranch where they will enjoy breakfast and horseback riding.
Winner: Espada

Challenge: Cannon Ski-Ball
Standing at the top of each tower, two members of each tribe will roll cannonballs down a long steep chute. While four other members will use ropes in an attempt to aim the chute trying to break one of the other tribe's tiles. The first tribe to break all five of the other tribe's tiles will win immunity.
Winner: Espada

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
La Flor
S21 jill t.png
Jill (3 votes)
S21 brenda t.pngS21 kellys t.pngS21 sash t.png
Brenda, Kelly S., Sash
S21 jane t.png
Jane (2 votes)
S21 jill t.pngS21 marty t.png
Jill, Marty
S21 marty t.png
Marty (2 votes)
S21 fabio t.pngS21 jane t.png
Fabio, Jane
S21 jill bw.png
Jill Behm

Voting Confessionals

In the aired episode, both Jane and Fabio are shown writing Marty's name down on the parchment, and Jill is seen writing Jane's name down. Complete confessionals retrieved from CBS' YouTube account.[2]

(voting against Jill) Your physical game was pretty awesome, but it was your social game that got you at the end. For the record, I do like you.


(voting against Marty) It's just a security vote in case you magically pull out a second idol and play it on Jill.


(voting against Marty) Jill's supposed to go home tonight. This was in case she had the Hidden Immunity Idol and you don't.


(voting against Jane) Not this week, but I'm sure I'll see ya next week.


(voting against Jill) The shish kabobs were amazing. Your family should be so proud of you.

Kelly S.

(voting against Jane) I hope y'all's catfishing trip in Nicaragua is over real soon. This game ain't over yet.


(voting against Jill) Jill, you're an outstanding player. I hope this vote doesn't cost me a million dollars at the end.


Final Words

I'm really grateful for the opportunity that I've had to meet a lot of fantastic people. Uh, Marty, good luck to you. My kids need someone to root for now, so I hope you go all the way to the end. And I just want to say how much this has made me appreciate my husband and my children. And I hope that they're proud of me for what I've done here.

Jill Behm

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw.png
S21 shannon bw.png
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw.png
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw.png
S21 tyrone bw.png
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw.png
S21 yve bw.png
S21 jill bw.png
S21 alina t.png
S21 benry t.png
La Flor
S21 brenda t.png
S21 chase t.png
S21 dan t.png
La Flor
S21 fabio t.png
S21 holly t.png
La Flor
S21 jane t.png
 Kelly S.
La Flor
S21 kellys t.png
La Flor
S21 marty t.png
S21 naonka t.png
La Flor
S21 sash t.png


  • This is the first episode in which Kelly S. has a confessional. This is the longest from the start of a season to a castaway's first confessional.
  • Jane and Marty voted for each other, but neither was voted out. Excluding ties, this is the first time this has occurred. This has since happened on three other occasions.
  • The episode title is said by Jane, describing Marty's sudden fall from grace from being the self-appointed leader of the original Espada tribe, to outsider at the new La Flor tribe.


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