What-er Drag (also called Hitching a Ride and Catch of the Day) is a recurring challenge in Survivor. It originated in Survivor: Micronesia.


Castaways must race across a floating bridge to the end of the course while pulling a rope being woven out by a wench.  When they reach the end of the course, they would grab either a bag of puzzle strips or clip themselves into a puzzle piece.  The tribe will then pull that person back by cranking the winch (In Survivor: Philippines the castaways did not use a winch). Once all the puzzle pieces are back, tribe members will solve the puzzle.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Micronesia. Eliza Orlins, Natalie Bolton, and Jason Siska got the puzzle pieces for Airai, while Ozzy Lusth and Erik Reichenbach got the pieces for Malakal. The new Airai went on to win yet another Immunity Challenge against the new Malakal.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: South Pacific, where Ozzy Lusth and Dawn Meehan retrieved the puzzle pieces for Savaii, and Albert Destrade, Brandon Hantz, and Mikayla Wingle got them for Upolu. In a tight race, Upolu won their second challenge.

In Survivor: Philippines the remaining ten castaways were split up into two teams. Denise Stapley, Jeff Kent, Jonathan Penner, Lisa Whelchel, and Malcolm Freberg were on one team and Abi-Maria GomesArtis Silverster, Michael Skupin, Pete Yurkowski, and Carter Williams were on the other team. The teams would have to pull their teammates back to shore using their own strength. The team of Denise, Jeff, Jonathan, Lisa and Malcolm won the challenge.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store"
Tribal Immunity 60px60px60px
South Pacific
"Reap What You Sow"
Tribal Reward/Immunity 60px60px60px60px
"Dead Man Walking"
Team Reward 60px60px
Denise, Jeff, Jonathan, Lisa & Malcolm



  • Ozzy Lusth is the only person to compete in this challenge twice. He lost both times.


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