What-er Drag (also known as Hitching a Ride, Catch of the Day, and Hitch A Ride) is a recurring challenge in Survivor. It originated in Survivor: Micronesia.


Castaways must race across a floating bridge to the end of the course while pulling a rope being woven out by a wench. When they reach the end of the course, they would grab either a bag of puzzle strips or clip themselves onto a puzzle piece. The tribe will then pull that person back by cranking the winch (in Philippines the castaways did not use either a floating bridge or a winch). Once all the puzzle pieces are back, tribe members will solve the puzzle.


The challenge debuted in Micronesia as an Immunity Challenge where each tribe had to collect five bags before solving a square puzzle. Although Malakal managed to collect their bags first, Airai were the first to finish their puzzle to win immunity, sending Malakal to their third consecutive Tribal Council.

The challenge reappeared in South Pacific as a combined Reward/Immunity Challenge with each tribe retrieving five bags. The last two members of each tribe then used a grappling hook to get the bags to the top of a wall where they would solve a vertical mask puzzle. The tribes traded the lead throughout, but Upolu pulled ahead at the grappling hook stage to complete their puzzle first, sending Savaii to Tribal Council.

In Philippines, the challenge reappeared as a post-merge Reward Challenge with four members of each team clipping a rope to a fish basket before being pulled in. The last member would then have to dig for a key to unlock their puzzle. The yellow team of Denise Stapley, Jeff Kent, Jonathan Penner, Lisa Whelchel, and Malcolm Freberg zipped through their flag puzzle to win a river cruise lunch.

The challenge was again used in Ghost Island as an Immunity Challenge where each tribe had to collect three bags before solving a sliding puzzle. Naviti took the lead early on and finished their puzzle first to win immunity, sending Malolo back to Tribal Council.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Like a Wide-Eyed Kid in the Candy Store"
Tribal Immunity S16 alexis tS16 eliza tS16 james t
S16 jason tS16 natalie tS16 parvati t
South Pacific
"Reap What You Sow"
Tribal Reward/Immunity S23 albert tS23 brandon tS23 coach tS23 edna t
S23 mikayla tS23 rick tS23 sophie tS23 stacey t
"Dead Man Walking"
Team Reward S25 denise tS25 jeff t
S25 jonathan tS25 lisa tS25 malcolm t
Denise, Jeff, Jonathan, Lisa, & Malcolm
Ghost Island
"A Diamond in the Rough"
Tribal Immunity S36 angela tS36 chris tS36 domenick tS36 donathan t
S36 james tS36 laurel tS36 libby tS36 wendell t



  • Ozzy Lusth is the only person to compete in this challenge twice. He lost both times.


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