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What's the Beef? is the fourth episode of Survivor: Cambodia.


Day 9

Jeff Varner is thrilled that he did not get one vote at Tribal Council, even though he thought he was going home after the previous challenge. He tells the tribe that he is loyal to them and knows that he has to get on Angkor's good side to stick around. Tasha Fox tells Woo Hwang that Jeff, not Peih-Gee Law, should have been sent home. She says that Jeff is the source of all the contention around camp and tells Woo that he's not going to be sent home. Abi-Maria Gomes tells Tasha that she has a problem with her talking in private to Woo after he just voted against her.

Jeff says that he cannot trust Abi-Maria and that she is very unpredictable and paranoid. Woo tells Abi-Maria that he is sorry that he wrote her name down, and she tells him that she is taking this personally since he has voted for her twice. Abi-Maria wants him to go home next.

Day 10

At Bayon, Jeremy Collins finally gets to look at his Hidden Immunity Idol that he picked up at the last Immunity Challenge. Jeremy and Stephen Fishbach talk about where to find the idol. Jeremy does not want to tell Stephen that he already has it, so he plays along and acts like he is still looking for it.

Over at Angkor, everyone talks about the camp being a hellhole because they have no shelter or anything. Jeff goes to try and fish. He says it is a Survivor ghetto and that he found one snail. The tribe gets Tree Mail about a Reward Challenge and hope that they can win some food, but Woo says that they are all hungry, so they may not be able to compete well.

Host Jeff Probst greets the three tribes and announces the Reward Challenge. The castaways have to race into the water, get a sandbag and race back. They must launch three sandbags into the net. The first tribe to finish gets a barbecue set, including meat and vegetables. The second tribe to finish gets a smaller set. The last tribe to finish gets nothing. Probst says each tribe has to pick one person to do the challenge. Angkor puts up Andrew Savage, while Jeremy does it for Bayon, and Ta Keo puts up Terry Deitz.

The challenge starts and they all make it back with their first one, and Terry lands one bag in the net. Andrew overshoots it, as does Jeremy. Jeremy then scores one bag. Andrew lands one bag and he heads back out. As everyone goes after the second bag, Andrew is lagging way behind. Terry misses by a lot and has to reset. Jeremy is back and misses too. Andrew gets back as the other two miss again. Andrew lands his second bag and heads back for the third, followed by Terry, then Jeremy. Andrew heads back with the third bag. Terry starts to panic and misses the bag. Andrew lands it and his hungry tribe is thrilled. They hug the exhausted Andrew and celebrate. Jeremy comes back with his last bag, making it a struggle for second. Jeremy misses a bag. Terry then lands the final bag to win reward for Ta Keo.

Probst asks what this means for Angkor, and Tasha cries and says that they have not eaten in days and that Andrew did this for them with pure love. They head back with their barbecue set. Ta Keo gets their smaller consolation prize, and Bayon is sent back empty-handed. Andrew says that he feels very vindicated having won the challenge for his tribe.

Back at Angkor, the tribe all salutes Andrew as they set up their dinner. Woo cooks the meat and Andrew says that he is happy that he could deliver for them. They eat and Abi-Maria is confident that they will win the next Immunity Challenge. Andrew says that they can win and avoid going back to Tribal Council.

Day 11

At Ta Keo, the tribe is lazing about, and Kass McQuillen remarks that you have to do something different when you come back. She says that she did not play a good social game in her first season and focused too much on strategy. Kass says that she read ''How to Win Friends and Influence People'' and says that she does not want to be the Kass from Cagayan. Kelley Wentworth sees Kass cutting beads off her bag and wonders what she is up to – then later, she sees her on the beach and Kass waves her away. She thinks that Kass is being sneaky and making a fake idol. But Kass reveals that was making her a birthday present. Kass says that she is really trying to embrace her second chance and says that if she can make an idol, then she can make a gift.

Over at Ta Keo, Spencer knows that he and Kelly Wiglesworth are in trouble. Stephen asks if he would vote her out and Spencer says yes and tells Jeremy and Stephen that Kelly has a tight bond with Woo and several others. Monica Padilla thinks that he may be lying and thinks that he is sneaky. She wants to stick together with the women to consider a girl's alliance. Spencer says he has trouble trusting Kelly. Monica wants Spencer to go home first, but she plays along with what he is saying.

At the Immunity Challenge, Probst welcomes them and takes back the two Immunity Idols. One tribe member will act as the caller, while the others are blindfolded. The caller must guide their blindfolded tribe members to collect 16 large, heavy puzzle pieces. Once they have them all, they may take off the blindfolds and put the puzzle together. Bayon sits out Monica, while Ta Keo sits out Ciera Eastin.

Ta Keo pulls ahead with three pieces. Angkor also has three, followed by Bayon. Angkor pulls into the lead. Bayon gets their fourth. Joe Anglim grabs one on his own for Ta Keo and staggers back without Kass's help. Ta Keo is falling behind, but Joe keeps on grabbing pieces while Andrew is getting worn out for Angkor. People are getting hit, poked, tripping and injured all around. Joe eventually gets Ta Keo into the lead. All tribes are on their last piece. Joe and Terry bring back their last piece for Ta Keo, followed by Angkor, with both tribes starting on the puzzle. Bayon then returns with their last piece. The pieces are large and heavy, and everyone begins to get exhausted as the sun glares down on them.

Jeff drops a piece on his feet and curses. Angkor has fallen behind. Bayon is getting close, and they put the last piece in to win immunity. In the race for second, Ta Keo slides their last piece in and sends Angkor back to Tribal Council for the second time in a row. Bayon and Ta Keo get their Immunity Idols and are sent back to camp. Probst asks Andrew if Angkor gave out and he says that they were all just exhausted. He says that it is scary and that he is ready to fall over and just cannot think. Probst says that he will see Angkor at Tribal Council.

Back at camp, Angkor staggers in tired and wounded. They all agree that they did their best. Andrew says the good feeling from the full belly of food is now gone. He says it was the most physical challenge that he has ever been in. Jeff says that his pinky toe is killing him. Tasha is worried about Abi-Maria being unpredictable in their alliance. Andrew and Tasha do not want Jeff talking to Abi-Maria. Jeff and Woo talk about who will go home, and Jeff says that he thinks that it is going to be him.

Jeff says that Abi-Maria has turned on him, but that he has saved Abi-Maria twice and that he has never voted for her, so he hopes that he can get her to keep him. Woo talks to Abi-Maria and she says that she is glad to be wanted and that the others make her feel comfortable. Woo says that they need her and says that they can take out Jeff. She says that he has not voted against her, but Woo has. She says that she understands the numbers, but will not listen to him. Woo says that she has a thing against him. Abi-Maria then talks to Tasha, who tells her that Jeff should have been gone already.

Tasha is annoyed that Abi-Maria is fixated on Woo when he can help them win challenges, while Jeff cannot. Tasha tells her that Jeff is a big liability, but Abi-Maria says that Jeff has proven his loyalty to her. Abi-Maria tells her that she is thinking. Abi-Maria says Woo that is not loyal to her, while Tasha counters Jeff is very manipulative. Jeff tells Abi-Maria that he loves her and misses her and says that he misses his "Abi Time". Tasha talks to Andrew about Abi-Maria wanting to get rid of Woo. Abi-Maria says that she has to decide winning challenges, keeping Woo, or over trust and loyalty, keeping Jeff.

At Tribal Council, Probst asks Jeff about the cane. He says that a big puzzle piece slammed down on his foot, so he is walking with a cane. He says that it drains him, but he wants to play for the fans who voted him there. Woo says that Jeff knows that they are on the bottom and says that he can outlast Jeff. Abi-Maria agrees that it is between those two. She says that she has not made up her mind yet because Jeff has been loyal. Andrew says that Jeff has not helped with challenges, while Woo is a threat at the merge.

Woo says that he is an asset now, while Jeff is not. Jeff then says that he is not a physical challenge to them. Woo says that he will stay loyal to the alliance. Jeff points out that Woo voted for Abi-Maria twice. Jeff says that he has been loyal and says that Tasha has been closed off because she thinks he is crafty but says that he trusts her and is loyal. He tells Andrew that they are both old school and has been loyal to Abi-Maria and adores her. He says that he hopes she repays that to him. Jeff says it was a good pitch and she agrees.

Tasha says that in order to win, they need strong people. She says that it is loyalty versus physical ability. Abi-Maria says that Woo voted against her. Woo says that he is willing to get on board and says that Jeff can flip on them because of his ties at Ta Keo. He says that he is playing the game hard and that he is looking out for the better good of the group. Jeff counters that he has proven that he is loyal. Woo promises he will stick with them. Probst says that he loves the fight and that no one wants to give up. Jeff asks if they can vote, to which Probst obliges.

Before voting, Woo tells Abi-Maria that he promises that he will stay loyal and asks her not to vote him out. She warns him not to write her name down. Woo the votes against Jeff. Jeff votes for Woo, but says that he rocks. In the end, Abi-Maria, Andrew, and Tasha side with Woo, making Jeff the fourth person eliminated from Survivor: Cambodia. Jeff calls Abi-Maria a bitch, but does so affectionately and kisses her cheek.

After Probst extinguishes Jeff's torch, Woo thanks Abi-Maria. Probst says that if you make the right vote, you can come back to camp stronger and more united. He then sends them back to camp.


Challenge: Stomp-ede
The tribes must choose one member each to run the entire challenge. They are going to race out into the water to retrieve a sand bag and then race back. They will then use a plank to launch the bag into the net above them. The first two tribes to get all three of their bags into the net win reward.
Reward: The winning tribe wins a barbecue set with sausages and vegetables, while the runner-up wins a wok and vegetables.

Winners (in order of finish): Angkor and Ta Keo

Challenge: Blind Leading the Blind
One tribe member will be the caller. The rest of the tribe will be blindfolded. Using only verbal commands, the caller must direct the blindfolded tribe members to collect 16 very large and very heavy puzzle pieces. Once they have all the puzzle pieces, they must take off the blindfolds and work together to solve the puzzle. The first two tribes to finish win immunity.

Winners (in order of finish): Bayon and Ta Keo

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S31 jeff t.png
Jeff (4 votes)
S31 abimaria t.pngS31 andrew t.pngS31 tasha t.pngS31 woo t.png
Abi-Maria, Andrew, Tasha, Woo
S31 woo t.png
Woo (1 vote)
S31 jeff t.png
S31 jeff bw.png
Jeff Varner

Voting Confessionals

S31 woo t.png

(voting against Jeff) I really hope it's not me today.

S31 jeff t.png

(voting against Woo) You rock.

Final Words

S31 jeff bw.png

I have a passion that's been cooking for fifteen years and all of a sudden this opportunity pops up and it came flying out in all directions. But… in terms of the life adventure, in terms of the charge to move forward with the second half of my life, I absolutely got what I needed and I'm very grateful.

Still in the Running

S31 vytas bw.png
S31 shirin bw.png
S31 peihgee bw.png
S31 jeff bw.png
S31 abimaria t.png
S31 andrew t.png
Ta Keo
S31 ciera t.png
S31 jeremy t.png
Ta Keo
S31 joe t.png
Ta Keo
S31 kass t.png
Ta Keo
S31 keith t.png
Ta Keo
S31 kelley t.png
S31 kelly t.png
S31 kimmi t.png
S31 monica t.png
S31 spencer t.png
S31 stephen t.png
S31 tasha t.png
Ta Keo
S31 terry t.png
S31 woo t.png


  • As with all previous seasons with all Returning Players, this version of Blind Leading the Blind incorporated the Cube Crisis puzzle into the challenge.
    • The Immunity Challenge broke the trend of all of the Immunity Challenges this season being the first challenge of a previous season.
  • This is the second time that Ciera Eastin has sat out of a challenge this season. It also means that, thus far, Ciera has sat out of a challenge whenever her tribe had to.

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