West Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 1999.

As part of this seasons four tribe twist this tribe started off with only four members, all of which were male. The West Team only existed for two episodes of the season and the tribe only competed in three challenges. Despite there being four tribes, the West Team only directly competed against the East Team (the other all male team) in challenges. During the early competitions the tribe prove physically dominant over the East Team, winning all three challenges in which they competed against them. Their tribe color is blue.




Tribe History

At the start of Expedition Robinson 1999, the contestants were surprised to learn that the tribes would be divided into four tribes based on gender. The West Team, whether intentionally or unintentionally, consisted of the seasons youngest four male contestants, namely Jerker Dalman, Jesus Pettersson, Klas Granström and Robert Andersson. From early on in the competition the West Team proved a force to be reckoned with. The tribe managed to defeat the East Team at the first Immunity Challenge, though it would prove to be an insignificant victory as Franz Schnabel had already been evacuated from the game so no one was eliminated at Tribal Council.

The West Team wins the first Immunity Challenge.

The West Team extended its winning streak in episode two as the team handily won the first Reward Challenge and again managed to defeat their rivals at the second Immunity Challenge, earning them the right to cast votes to eliminate someone from the losing East or South teams at the next Tribal Council. At the second Tribal Council the tribe targeted the East Team's youngest, and perceived strongest, member Deniz Özen as all four members casts their votes against him in an attempt to further weaken the already struggling East Team. The North Team, thinking along similar lines, voted for South Team's Jenny Hägglöf. In the end a lot draw gave the West Team the result they desired and Deniz was eliminated from the competition. The day after the second Tribal Council the West Team was absorbed into the South Team and ceased to exist. Though the tribe was officially dissolved in episode three, for much of the pre-merge and all of the post-merge portion of the competition its members would form a voting bloc that would carry them to the final four. To the other contestants the alliance would be simply known as the "West Team".



  • This is the only tribe in the history of Expedition Robinson where all members made the merge.
  • Robert "Robban" Andersson has gone on to play the game three more times in Expedition Robinson 2003, Expedition Robinson 2005, and Robinson - Revanschen, though none of his tribemates have returned for a second season.
  • The West Team is the only tribe in the history of Expedition Robinson to never lose a challenge.
  • The West Team is one of only two tribes in the history of Expedition Robinson to never have any female members.


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