We Are Family is the eleventh episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 27

After Brandon's exit, Kim P. and Ethan became the tribe's lookouts for predators around camp. With only their Boma (acacia thorns) fence guarding them, the two got scared of the feline as it tried to pounce through the thorny camp walls. During the night as well, Lex apologized to his allies, stating that his support for Brandon was a mistake in judgment.

Day 28

Upon waking up, Lex realized how his body changed after enduring 28 days of competition. Lex remarked, "Our bodies are starting to show signs of trouble." Kim Johnson's legs were filled with boils. During breakfast, a thinner Tom complained about eating the same food all over again. Meanwhile, despite former Boran's 4-3 majority over the ex-Samburus, Tom and Ethan started to question Lex true loyalties, after Lex campaigning to save Brandon at the last Tribal Council and voted Frank instead.

After receiving a carved-pig for Tree Mail, they learned that their next challenge was not really a challenge, but an auction. The survivors enjoyed various food items. At one offer (a "Mystery Item," remained covered until someone pays for it) Big Tom and Ethan pooled over their remaining money to buy the covered item, and it revealed a plate full of bacon strips and pancakes. Tom rejoiced, for Ethan being Jewish, the latter cannot eat the bacon. After the incident, Tom's overreacting during the auction became somewhat controversial, but Ethan felt fine about it. Despite Tom's unpredictable personality, his hippie-like demeanor still made him popular among his tribemates, though Lex claimed that he can see though Tom's ulterior motives.

Day 29

At the watering hole, Big Tom helped his tribemates bathe by pouring them water and also managed to sneak a few peeks during the ladies' bathing sessions, though none of the girls seemed to mind. "We're getting pretty comfortable with each other, and it's like your family now," claimed Ethan, but then added the harsh reminder that "it makes everything a little more difficult now, because tomorrow I'm gonna have to vote one of these people off."

At the Immunity Challenge, Lex already completed all his leather strips, but could not be legitimately called the winner yet, for he accidentally dropped and lost one strip while running throughout the course. Though the rest of the tribe tried to catch up during the mishap, Lex managed to find his missing strip, bagging another immunity win.

Back at camp, knowing that the numbers was against her and Frank once more, Teresa tried save Frank by trying to break though the strong Boran alliance and asked them to eliminate Ethan, for she deemed the soccer player too likable and competitive. But despite a bond they had formed since the tribe swap, Kim J. cannot break her close friendship with Ethan that easily.

Day 30

As morning rose, Frank appreciated the moment by observing the skyline. After his special time alone, he showed his harsh side by promoting pro-gun, irking the tribe, including his closest ally Teresa. At Tribal Council, Frank's antisocial personality finally came up with him. With everyone, including Teresa voted against him, Frank silently left the game.


Challenge: Survivor Auction
Players will be given 20,000 Shillings (US$250) to be used for the auction. Players may share money and items. Auction will end without notice.

Challenge: African Folklore
Jeff will give the tribe a detailed description of African social ritual. After his story, each tribe member had to run to one of seven stations arranged in a circle. Each station contained a choice between two statements, one true, one false, each with a corresponding ostrich egg. The tribe member had to decide which fact was true, then crack open the egg. A false answer would lead to an empty egg; the correct answer would reveal a strip of colored leather contained in the egg. The tribe member would then tie the colored strip to the corresponding band of color on a staff they had been provided. First person to get five strips tied to their staff and return to the center of the circle would win immunity.
Winner: Lex van den Berghe

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 10:
Moto Maji
S3 frank t
Frank (6 votes)
S3 ethan tS3 kimj tS3 kimp t
S3 lex tS3 teresa tS3 tom t
Ethan, Kim J., Kim P., Lex, Teresa, Tom
S3 kimj t
Kim J. (1 vote)
S3 frank t
S3 frank bw
Frank Garrison

Voting Confessionals

Both Kim J. and Kim P. said their voting confessionals without revealing their vote to the camera.

S3 kimj t
Kim J.

(voting against Frank) I've enjoyed you as a person, but we have to vote somebody off and you're my next logical choice. I'll miss you, though.

S3 kimp t
Kim P.

(voting against Frank) It's been good for me to be around someone so different from myself and learn from you. I'm glad that we actually got to spend some time together.

S3 teresa t

(voting against Frank) This is not a vote of betrayal. This is a-a vote of strategy. Frank, thank you so much for the friendship.

Final Words

S3 frank bw

To my lovely wife, Polly, and my daughters, Jocelyn Rose and Sage Hunter: Thank you for your unselfish sacrifices you made so I could go on this adventure. I give you my word of honor that down the road, I will make all your dreams come true. As your husband, as your father and as your friend, I love you and I miss you, thank you.

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 jessie bw
S3 carl bw
S3 linda bw
S3 silas bw
S3 lindsey bw
S3 clarence bw
S3 kelly bw
S3 brandon bw
S3 frank bw
Moto Maji
S3 ethan t
 Kim J.
Moto Maji
S3 kimj t
 Kim P.
Moto Maji
S3 kimp t
Moto Maji
S3 lex t
Moto Maji
S3 teresa t
Moto Maji
S3 tom t


  • With Frank's elimination, every male member of the original Samburu tribe has been eliminated.


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