Wall to Wall (also known as Pegatory Knockout and A Maze 'N Jig) is a recurring Survivor challenge.


In the challenge, the castaways must use a wooden peg to navigate a maze table. The first person to finish the maze and complete the final objective wins the challenge.


The challenge was first used in Survivor: Panama, where it was used for the final Reward Challenge. The reward was a protein-enriched meal specifically made to nourish the winner for the Final Immunity Challenge. In this version, the castaways navigated a peg through a table maze to release two more pegs. After that, they would use a combination wheel to locate their final two pegs. They would then use the four pegs to navigate a climbing wall and once they reached the top, would use their four pegs to raise a flag. The first castaway to do this would win reward. Terry Deitz won the challenge, but despite winning the nourishment, he did not win the Final Immunity Challenge.

In Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, the challenge was modified into a three-round elimination challenge, which retained the climbing wall and table maze from its initial appearance, and replaced the combination wheel and flag with a sliding puzzle. The first stage had the castaways digging for a peg to navigate through a table maze where they would smash a tile after making their way through it, with the first five moving on. Rupert Boneham, Sandra Diaz-TwineRussell HantzParvati Shallow, and Danielle DiLorenzo all advanced to the next stage. The second stage had the remaining five castaways use four pegs to climb a wall, with the first three reaching the top. Russell, Rupert, and Parvati all made it to the final round. The final stage featured a sliding puzzle and the first castaway to complete it would win immunity. Russell beat out Parvati and Rupert to win immunity.

The challenge was used in Survivor: Redemption Island as a Redemption Island duel between Matt ElrodMike ChieslRalph Kiser, and Andrea Boehlke. After completing the table maze, the castaways used the handle to smash a tile. Under the tile was a bag of puzzle pieces, which they must put together. The last person to complete their puzzle would be eliminated from the game. Ralph was the first to complete the table maze. However, he fumbled on the second puzzle. This allowed the others to finish and permanently eliminate Ralph from the competition. 


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"The Final Showdown"
Individual Reward S12 terry t
Terry Deitz
Heroes vs. Villains
"A Sinking Ship"
Individual Immunity S20 russell t
Russell Hantz
Redemption Island
"Too Close for Comfort"
Duel S22 mike t
Mike Chiesl
S22 matt t
Matt Elrod
S22 andrea t
Andrea Boehlke



  • Danielle DiLorenzo is the only castaway to compete in this challenge twice.
    • Both times she lost to a male who became the eventual third-place finisher.
  • This is the first challenge to be used as a Reward Challenge in a season finale.
    • This is the first challenge to be used as a Reward Challenge with three castaways remaining, and the only such challenge in a season with a Final Two.
  • All three times this challenge was used, it was post-merge in a season with a black merged tribe.
  • Andrea Boehlke is the only female contestant to win this challenge.


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