Vuku​​ (originally David​​), is a tribe from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Its members are defined as underdogs in life, having to earn their laurels from the bottom up, as opposed to the rival Goliath tribe. This description thematically reflected on the tribe's overall performance throughout the game, overcoming a numbers disadvantage during the tribe switch and merge phases by capitalizing on the cracks within the Goliath ranks, and opportunely using multiple game advantages. Eventually, the tribe produced the season's Sole Survivor. Their tribe color is orange.


 Bi Nguyen
28, Houston, TX
MMA fighter
S37 bi t
 Carl Boudreaux
41, Houston, TX
Truck driver
S37 carl t
 Christian Hubicki
32, Tallahassee, FL
Robotics scientist
S37 christian t
 Davie Rickenbacker
30, Atlanta, GA
Social media manager
S37 davie t
 Elizabeth Olson
31, Longview, TX
Kitchen staff
S37 elizabeth t
 Gabby Pascuzzi
25, Denver, CO
Technical writer
S37 gabby t
 Jessica Peet
19, Lakeland, FL
S37 jessica t
 Lyrsa Torres
36, Boston, MA
Airline agent
S37 lyrsa t
 Nick Wilson
27, Williamsburg, KY
Public defender
S37 nick t
 Pat Cusack
41, Watervliet, NY
Maintenance manager
S37 pat t

 Alec Merlino
S37 alec t
 Carl Boudreaux
S37 carl t
S37 davie t
 Elizabeth Olson
S37 elizabeth t
 Kara Kay
S37 kara t
 Natalia Azoqa
S37 natalia t

Tribe History

Original Davids

The already formed David tribe arrived on a large boat alongside their rival tribe the Goliaths. Before the first Reward Challenge took place, each tribe was given advantages to use; the Goliaths getting to pick who to compete, while the Davids get to pick which part of the course each tribe would run. Christian and Lyrsa were picked to compete against John and Alison from the Goliaths, but in return, they got to pick to have latter do the plank bridge, the rope tunnel, and a fifteen-piece puzzle. They themselves would do the overhanging balance beam, crawl under the net, and do the slide puzzle. Although Christian and Lyrsa struggled initially, they blazed past John and Alison on the slide puzzle, giving the Davids their first victory and a shelter making kit.

Once landing on camp, the tribe began putting together the shelter, although tensions started to build. Pat's leadership on building the shelter began to grate on their nerves, and Nick's attempts to form alliances instead of helping irked Carl. However, the tribe started to bond later that night as they each confine over their lives. In the first Immunity Challenge, the Davids fell behind when Carl struggled to go under the log sand obstacle, and even though they made up time on the puzzle, they still lost and had to go to Tribal Council. However, they would not even make it to Tribal Council that night. On their way back to camp, their boat hit a rough wave, severely injuring Pat's back. Once the boat landed on a nearby island, the medical team took a look at Pat. After seeing him in pain, they decided to pull Pat from the game, despite his tearful protests. Since Pat was officially medically evacuated, Jeff Probst cancelled the Davids' Tribal Council and gave them flint.

The next few days saw different bonds between the Davids as Christian began bonding with Gabby and Nick, forming the Mason-Dixon alliance with the latter, Lyrsa befriended Elizabeth, and Carl made bonds with Davie, who found a Hidden Immunity Idol. Carl wanted to keep the Davids strong and began targeting Lyrsa, but Elizabeth warned the latter of the plans. The Davids would lose their second Immunity Challenge, and had to go to Tribal Council for real this time. The majority alliance decided to keep to the plan and vote Lyrsa off, but Gabby began to doubt her place in the alliance, especially when Bi and Jessica brushed off her attempts to talk. So, Gabby sided with Lyrsa and Elizabeth, and planned to vote off Jessica instead. As Christian and Nick were the swing votes for both alliances, they debated who they trusted more. In the end, the Mason-Dixon alliance joined the three outsiders in blindsiding Jessica 5-4, taking the other three off their guard.

The results of Jessica's blindside led to Bi targeting Gabby for orchestrating it, but the Davids would not need to worry about another Tribal Council as they won the third Immunity Challenge, along with some comfort items. Unfortunately, this victory came with a cost. During the challenge, Bi sprained her MCL during the rope portion of the challenge, but was cleared by the medical team to continue. However, after much debating, Bi made a public announcement on Day 10 that she was leaving the game, not wanting to risk injuring herself more and putting her athletic career in jeopardy. This left the Davids in a 7-9 disadvantage against the Goliaths.

Tribe Switch

Immediately after Bi's departure, both tribes were swapped with a third tribe, Tiva, being created in the process. Now renamed Vuku, the tribe consisted of former David members Davie and Elizabeth, and former Goliath members Alec, Kara, and Natalia. The 2-3 against the former Davids put them in a tough spot, so they tried forming bonds with some of the Goliaths to see if one would flip. After losing their first Immunity Challenge as a new tribe, the three Goliaths banded together and agreed to vote one of the Davids. However, Davie's attempts to try and protect himself over Elizabeth caused Natalia to grow paranoid and rude to her tribemates, disgusting Alec. At Tribal Council, Alec flipped on his old Goliath alliance and joined the two Davids in blindsiding Natalia 3-1-1. As Natalia stormed off in anger, Carl, who was exiled for not receiving a buff during the tribe switch, joined Vuku as their newest member, giving the Davids a 3-2 advantage over Alec and Kara.

Now on the minority, Kara feared she would be going next, but that never happened as Vuku came in first in the next Reward and Immunity Challenges. Although they would lose the next Reward Challenge, they came in second at the following Immunity Challenge just behind Tiva. On Day 18, Vuku moved to the old Tiva camp for the merge.




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