Vuku​ (originally David​​), is a tribe from Survivor: David vs. Goliath. Its members are defined as underdogs in life, having to earn their laurels from the bottom up, as opposed to the rival Goliath tribe. This description thematically reflected on the tribe's overall performance throughout the game, overcoming a numbers disadvantage during the tribe switch and merge phases by capitalizing on the cracks within the Goliath ranks, and opportunely using multiple game advantages. Eventually, the tribe produced the season's Sole Survivor. Their tribe color is orange.


 Bi Nguyen
28, Houston, TX
MMA fighter
S37 bi t
 Carl Boudreaux
41, Houston, TX
Truck driver
S37 carl t
 Christian Hubicki
32, Tallahassee, FL
Robotics scientist
S37 christian t
 Davie Rickenbacker
30, Atlanta, GA
Social media manager
S37 davie t
 Elizabeth Olson
31, Longview, TX
Kitchen staff
S37 elizabeth t
 Gabby Pascuzzi
25, Denver, CO
Technical writer
S37 gabby t
 Jessica Peet
19, Lakeland, FL
S37 jessica t
 Lyrsa Torres
36, Boston, MA
Airline agent
S37 lyrsa t
 Nick Wilson
27, Williamsburg, KY
Public defender
S37 nick t
 Pat Cusack
41, Watervliet, NY
Maintenance manager
S37 pat t

 Alec Merlino
S37 alec t
 Carl Boudreaux
S37 carl t
S37 davie t
 Elizabeth Olson
S37 elizabeth t
 Kara Kay
S37 kara t
 Natalia Azoqa
S37 natalia t

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