The Vote Steal is an advantage that is occasionally available to castaways. It allows players to steal another castaway's vote to vote twice in one Tribal Council.


A spin-off of the Extra Vote, the Vote Steal is a more powerful version of the advantage, allowing a castaway to prevent another from voting and use that castaway's ballot as their own. The castaway that uses the advantage can vote for one person twice or for two separate people, including the castaway whose vote was stolen. In addition, the vote may still be nullified by a Hidden Immunity Idol. Unlike with the standard Extra Vote, the use of the Vote Steal requires the player to state their intention before any votes are cast.

In Cambodia and Game Changers, the Vote Steal has a distinct margin around all four sides. Beginning in Survivor: David vs. Goliath, by stealing another player's vote, the user of the Vote Steal will cast their vote on a regular parchment, allowing more anonymity as to whom the Vote Steal was used against.

In Cambodia[1] and Game Changers, the Vote Steal is noted as being nontransferable. The advantage can be physically given to another castaway as a sign of trust, but the castaway given it cannot use the advantage and must return it to its original owner.[2] In David vs. Goliath and Winners at War, the transferability of the Vote Steal is not mentioned by the castaways nor is the advantage's rules shown in full.

The advantage cannot cancelled out by the Safety Without Power advantage. If a castaway's vote is stolen then used the Safety Without Power to leave Tribal Council, the owner of the Vote Steal would then have to choose another castaway's vote to steal.[3]

The negation portion of this advantage was spun off into its own advantage, the Vote Blocker, in Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Vote Steal at Revotes

The exact mechanics of the Vote Steal at a revote following a tie are currently unknown.

Stephen Fishbach, who used the Vote Steal in Cambodia, has stated that the Vote Steal carries over to a revote following a tie. If the person targeted by the Vote Steal is not part of the tie, the user of the Vote Steal retains control of the target's vote at the revote.[4]



A variant of the Extra Vote was introduced during the Bermuda Triangles Immunity Challenge on Day 24. While the challenge was underway, host Jeff Probst released a row of buoys, and the first to bail out of the challenge and swim toward their buoy won the advantage. Spencer Bledsoe and Stephen Fishbach raced to their buoys, but it was Stephen who won the advantage. Back at camp, Stephen learned his advantage: he obtained the privilege to vote twice, but in turn, he would deny a tribemate the right to vote. Stephen decided to use his advantage on the Day 29 Tribal Council. He chose to "steal" Joe Anglim's vote, and voted against Abi-Maria Gomes and Joe, but was himself voted out in a 4-3-2 vote.

Game Changers

After the conclusion of the Day 25 Reward Challenge, O-Black Water, Sarah Lacina acquired an advantage that was revealed to be a Vote Steal that could be used all the way until the final five. Another variant of the Extra Vote, this advantage would steal another tribe member's vote, depriving them of voting. She used it at the Day 35 Tribal Council, using it to steal Tai Trang's vote and cast an extra vote against Michaela Bradshaw, who was voted out.

David vs. Goliath

At the merge feast, a clue for the advantage could be seen on the table. However, no one picked up on this clue. Later, on Day 21, Davie Rickenbacker and Nick Wilson searched for an advantage and stumbled upon the same clue. Nick later found the Vote Steal by a palm tree. He used it at the Day 25 Tribal Council to steal Alison Raybould's vote and cast a second vote against Dan Rengering, contributing to his elimination.

Winners at War

On Day 8, Natalie Anderson found an advantage on the Edge of Extinction which she could sell to a castaway still in the game for one Fire Token. This advantage would allow the purchaser an opportunity to sneak into the opposing tribe's camp that night and retrieve the Vote Steal from inside one of the tribe's torches. However, if a member of that tribe found it before the purchaser could retrieve it, they would be allowed to keep it themselves. Natalie sold the advantage to Sarah Lacina of the Dakal tribe, who purchased it. That night, Sarah snuck into the Sele tribe's camp and obtained the Vote Steal. Sarah used it at the Day 25 Tribal Council when, after Jeremy Collins used his Safety Without Power advantage to grant himself immunity and leave Tribal Council early at the expense of not casting a vote, she stole the vote of Denise Stapley to ensure that her alliance would have enough votes to successfully split their votes between Denise and their main target, Tyson Apostol, whom they successfully voted out.


Season Location Episode Acquired Original Owner Episode Used Vote Stolen Intended Target Successful? Eliminated
Survivor: Cambodia Day 24 Immunity Challenge "Witches Coven" S31 stephen t
Stephen Fishbach
"My Wheels Are Spinning" S31 joe t
Joe Anglim
S31 joe t
Joe Anglim
S31 stephen bw
Stephen Fishbach
Survivor: Game Changers Hidden at Day 25 Reward Challenge "A Line Drawn in Concrete" S34 sarah t
Sarah Lacina
"Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow" S34 tai t
Tai Trang
S34 michaela t
Michaela Bradshaw
S34 michaela bw
Michaela Bradshaw
Survivor: David vs. Goliath Hidden by a palm tree during the merge "You Get What You Give" S37 nick t
Nick Wilson
"Breadth-First Search" S37 alison t
Alison Raybould
S37 dan t
Dan Rengering
S37 dan bw
Dan Rengering
Survivor: Winners at War Sele camp "Out for Blood" S40 sarah t
Sarah Lacina
"The Full Circle" S40 denise t
Denise Stapley
S40 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
S40 tyson bw
Tyson Apostol


  • Though the Vote Steal has helped eliminate its target multiple times, the individual vote alone has never altered the eventual outcome of Tribal Council.
  • Stephen Fishbach is the first castaway to use a Vote Steal advantage to vote for two separate people.
  • Sarah Lacina (Game Changers and Winners at War) is the first player to possess a Vote Steal in two different seasons.
    • By extension, Sarah is the first player to successfully use the Vote Steal in two different seasons.


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