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The Vote Blocker (also known as Block a Vote) is an advantage that is occasionally available to castaways. It allows players to prevent a castaway from voting at Tribal Council.

The Vote Blocker is mechanically one of the two halves of the previously-established Vote Steal advantage.


The Vote Blocker allows a castaway to prevent another from voting at Tribal Council. This power extends to the revote if there is a tie.

In its first appearance in Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, the Vote Blocker had to be used at the next Tribal Council after it was found, regardless of whether the holder attended that Tribal Council. In Island of the Idols, the Vote Blocker could be used at any Tribal Council up until the final six, and the holder must declare who they are using it on before the votes are cast at the Tribal Council they intend to use it. It is currently unknown if the Vote Blocker can be transferred to another castaway.


Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

The Vote Blocker was hidden in a random bag of potato chips that Yawa won at the Day 9 Reward Challenge. Jessica Johnston found the advantage, which was only good for the next Tribal Council. If her tribe won the next Immunity Challenge, then she would have to anonymously send it to a member of the losing tribe. As Yawa won the next Immunity Challenge, she had to choose which member of the losing Levu tribe to block from voting at Tribal Council. She decided to block Devon Pinto from voting, who was anonymously sent the advantage afterward and would be required to reveal it at Tribal Council. Devon being the only former Hustler meant that the vote between the former Heroes and Healers on Levu would have ended in a tie, had it not been for Joe Mena playing his Hidden Immunity Idol on himself, thus eliminating Alan Ball, 2-0.

Island of the Idols

The Vote Blocker would be reintroduced as a reward for Noura Salman's mentors' challenge on the Island of the Idols on Day 9. In order to receive it, she had to persuade the Vokai tribe to make her the caller for the Reward/Immunity Challenge on Day 11. She failed to do so after a disastrous attempt to practice for the challenge beforehand, which caused her tribe to decide to sit her out of the challenge, resulting in her losing her vote at the next Tribal Council that she attended.

Elaine Stott became eligible to win the Vote Blocker for her mentors' challenge on the Island of the Idols on Day 15. In order to receive it, she would have to retrieve it at the Day 16 Immunity Challenge, with failure resulting in her losing her vote at her next Tribal Council. With help from Elizabeth Beisel, she successfully obtained the advantage. After Vokai lost this Immunity Challenge, Elaine would use the advantage in order to persuade her original Lairo tribemates Aaron Meredith and Missy Byrd against voting with the original Vokai tribe. Elaine used the advantage to block Jason Linden's vote, who would be voted out, 4-3.


Season Location Episode Acquired Owner Episode Used Target
Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers Bag of potato chips won from the Day 9 Reward Challenge "I Don't Like Having Snakes Around" S35 jessica t.png
Jessica Johnston
"I Don't Like Having Snakes Around" S35 devon t.png
Devon Pinto
Island of the Idols Day 16 Immunity Challenge "Suck It Up Buttercup" S39 elaine t.png
Elaine Stott
"Suck It Up Buttercup" S39 jason t.png
Jason Linden


  • Both times this advantage was used:
    • It came into play with 15 players remaining.
    • It was obtained by a woman.
    • It prevented a man from voting.
    • It was used in the same episode it was obtained.
    • A man was voted out.
  • A similar advantage called the Vote Stopper appeared on Australian Survivor (2016), a year before its introduction to the American version of the show.


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