The Vokai Alliance is an alliance in Survivor: Island of the Idols.

The alliance was formed on the original Vokai tribe by Lauren Beck, and run by herself and her closest ally Tommy Sheehan during the early days. Despite temporarily losing control after the swap, almost all the members successfully made the merge . After taking out a member and a former Vokai at the merge, the alliance took control the game and proceeded to decimate their enemies until only Dean Kowalski was left. At the final 5, Tommy aligned with Dean and Noura Salman, and the three eliminated the remaining threats and made it to the Final Tribal Council, where Tommy's superb social game and under the radar strategic game, earned him the title of Sole Survivor


Common Enemies

The Vokai alliance was initially a large group that only excluded Jason Linden and Noura Salman. However, the target shifted to Molly Byman when several members of the Vokai tribe began to view her as a potential threat with already strong connections to Jack Nichting and Jamal Shipman. Lauren Beck pushed for Molly to go, with Janet Carbin, Kellee Kim, and Tommy Sheehan contemplating their options. Ultimately, they, along with Dan Spilo, joined outsiders Jason and Noura in blindsiding Molly in a 7-2-1 vote, leaving Jack and Jamal wondering why they were left out.

In the days following Molly's elimination, Dan felt everyone that remained could get behind voting out Noura should Vokai lose again. However, after Jamal brought up voting out Dan to Janet and she told Tommy, Tommy became concerned with Jamal as a strategic threat. Those plans would be put on hold as the nine remaining Vokai members would survive until the Tribe Switch.

Divide and Struggle

The swap saw the more cohesive group of Lauren, Tommy, Dan, and Jason in a 4-4 power struggle with original Lairo on the new Vokai tribe, with only Kellee and Janet of the alliance in the majority on new Lairo albeit with non alliance members at the time Noura, Jamal, and Jack. The Vokai majority on Lairo succeeded in taking out loyal Lairo alliance member Tom, but then the game shifted. The Vote Blocker that Elaine Stott received from Island of the Idols stripped the Vokai alliance's power on Day 16 and sent Jason home in a 4-3 vote. This forced Lauren and Tommy to throw Dan under the bus, though their tactics possibly had the inverse effect and made their targets larger. The following Lairo Tribal Council would not go necessarily according to plan either, with Kellee deciding to use her Hidden Immunity Idol (which would expire after this vote) to save Dean Kowalski after the two had bonded. This plan would result in Jack being blindsided by a 2-0 vote, and when Noura (the second Jack vote alongside Dean) revealed the plan, this caused Janet and Jamal to ponder what Kellee was doing with this move.

The Power of Four

The merge saw the Vokai alliance's core four of Tommy, Janet, Lauren, and Dan emerge after a rocky start where Janet was part of Kellee's plan to take out Dan. Nevertheless, after Kellee, Jamal, and some power players from Lairo were eliminated, the Vokai alliance had a firm grip on the game thanks to the help of affiliates Dean, Noura, and Elaine. That grip would be tested by Karishma Patel's idol play (which Dan prevented from eliminating Janet by throwing a vote on Elizabeth Beisel on Day 30) as well as at the final 8 when the outsiders were excluded from the reward. However, Tommy's strong connection to Dean prevented any counterplan from materializing, allowing the alliance to see out these tests and eliminate Karishma and Elaine in the next two votes.

The Game Changes

Shortly after Elaine was voted out, Dan was ejected from the game, which changed everyone's end game significantly. Tommy began to stray away from his long time allies Janet and Lauren opting to get to the Final Three with Dean and Noura, who played comparatively less impressive games. However, Dean started to accumulate many advantages and fight for his spot in a Final Three scenario where he might win. Dean's Idol Nullifier would help Tommy and Lauren take out Janet on Day 37 despite Janet's idol play, eliminating the biggest Jury and firemaking threat before the Final Four. Tommy convinced Noura that he was bad at firemaking so that if Noura won, Noura would force Dean and Lauren to make fire instead. This plan came to fruition, and Dean would beat Lauren in firemaking, sending Lauren to the jury without Tommy being directly involved.

Sole Survivor

Tommy was the only original member of the Vokai Alliance in the Final Three, though he sat alongside two strong affiliates in Noura and Dean. Despite Dean and Noura showing some areas of strength in their respective games, Tommy's more consistent social and strategic gameplay over the course of 39 days was rewarded with 8 jury votes (including all from the Vokai contingent on the jury), enough for him to beat Dean and Noura to earn the title of Sole Survivor.




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