Vokai​ is a tribe from Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Their tribe color is purple.


 Dan Spilo
48, Los Angeles, CA
Talent manager
S39 dan t
 Jack Nichting
23, Harrisonburg, VA
Graduate student
S39 jack t
 Jamal Shipman
33, Providence, RI
College administrator
S39 jamal t
 Janet Carbin
59, Palm Bay, FL
Chief lifeguard
S39 janet t
 Jason Linden
32, New York City, NY
Personal injury lawyer
S39 jason t
 Kellee Kim
29, Philadelphia, PA
MBA student
S39 kellee t
 Lauren Beck
29, Glendale, CA
S39 lauren t
 Molly Byman
28, Durham, NC
Law student
S39 molly t
 Noura Salman
36, North Potomac, MD
S39 noura t
 Tommy Sheehan
26, Long Beach, NY
4th grade teacher
S39 tommy t

 Aaron Meredith
S39 aaron t
 Dan Spilo
S39 dan t
 Elaine Stott
S39 elaine t
S39 elizabeth t
 Jason Linden
S39 jason t
 Lauren Beck
S39 lauren t
 Missy Byrd
S39 missy t
 Tommy Sheehan
S39 tommy t

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