Vokai​ is a tribe from Survivor: Island of the Idols.

Vokai was the stronger of the two starting tribes, winning eight of the first ten challenges. At the merge, after some of the stronger threats were voted off, the Vokai Alliance voted off all of the original Lairo except for Dean Kowalski, due to his alliance with Tommy Sheehan.

Their tribe color is purple.


 Dan Spilo
48, Los Angeles, CA
Talent manager
S39 dan t
 Jack Nichting
23, Harrisonburg, VA
Graduate student
S39 jack t
 Jamal Shipman
33, Providence, RI
College administrator
S39 jamal t
 Janet Carbin
59, Palm Bay, FL
Chief lifeguard
S39 janet t
 Jason Linden
32, New York City, NY
Personal injury lawyer
S39 jason t
 Kellee Kim
29, Philadelphia, PA
MBA student
S39 kellee t
 Lauren Beck
29, Glendale, CA
S39 lauren t
 Molly Byman
28, Durham, NC
Law student
S39 molly t
 Noura Salman
36, North Potomac, MD
S39 noura t
 Tommy Sheehan
26, Long Beach, NY
4th grade teacher
S39 tommy t

 Aaron Meredith
S39 aaron t
 Dan Spilo
S39 dan t
 Elaine Stott
S39 elaine t
S39 elizabeth t
 Jason Linden
S39 jason t
 Lauren Beck
S39 lauren t
 Missy Byrd
S39 missy t
 Tommy Sheehan
S39 tommy t

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