Viwe Soga is a castaway from Survivor South Africa: Malaysia.


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I am not a loud mouth per say, but I probably tease a little more than I should; laugh a little bit longer than I should.

Age: 23
Birth date: 18/12/1983
Star sign: Sagittarius
Lives in: Melrose, Jhb
Occupation: Candidate Attorney
This witty boy next door grew up in Umtata, went to boarding schools in Pietermaritzburg and Grahamstown and studied at UCT and Rhodes. At the 2006 African Human Rights Moot Court Competition in Ethiopia, he was named the fifth Best Orator on the continent.
Why he could win Survivor: Viwe is smart, charming and masterful with words. He also loves cracking jokes and has a dazzling smile: a helpful asset when you want to make friends and influence people.
Describes himself as... "a small town South African who is always open to new experiences and situations."[1]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Viwe's Voting History
Episode Viwe's
Voted Against
1 Nomfundo -
2 Iban Tribe Immune
3 Lisa Angie, Grant,
Lisa, Lorette, Mandla
Voted Out, Day 7



  • Viwe is the youngest male on Malaysia.


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