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Vincent Roux is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: Cambodge.


Profile retrieved from (in French)[1]

Prénom: Vincent
Métier: Ancien rugbyman professionnel
32 ans - Charente-Maritime (17)

Ancien rugbyman professionnel, fraîchement retraité, Vincent a une revanche à prendre ! Poussé vers la sortie par les petits jeunes, le colosse a encore envie de compétition et de victoires. Combattant au mental d'acier, il ne lâche jamais ! Et il compte bien emmener les siens vers la victoire.


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Voting History

Vincent's Voting History
Episode Vincent's
Voted Against
Entered the Game, Day 4
2 Sabine -
3 Sokka Tribe Immune
4 Takéo Tribe Immune
5 Brahma -
6 Kelly -
7 Yves -
8 Ineligible -
Kelly Clémentine, Kelly, Manuella,
Marjorie, Sandro, Sébastien
Voted Out, Day 23
Returned, Day 261
9 Sandro Individual Immunity
10 Marjorie -
11 Corentin -
12 Mathilde +
13 Clémentine4 -
14 Ineligible Clémentine
Voted Out, Day 40
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 On Day 25, Manuella was medically evacuated, and Vincent came back into the game to replace her the day after.
^2 After his elimination in Episode 11, Corentin gave the black vote to Vincent, allowing him to vote twice.
^3 In Episode 12, Mathilde used an Immunity Necklace, negating both Vincent's votes against her.
^4 In Episode 13, Clémentine used an Immunity Necklace, negating Vincent's vote against her.


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