Vinaka is the merged tribe of Ikabula​, Takali, and Vanua​ from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. Their tribe color is black.

Vinaka was initially controlled by a supermajority which was formed against the Triforce alliance. However, the majority quickly fractured because of internal conflict, and in the end two rival coalitions were formed - one led by David Wright and the other led by Zeke Smith. Ultimately, David's alliance managed to get the upper hand and proceeded to eliminate the rival alliance.


 Adam Klein
S33 adam t
 Bret LaBelle
S33 bret t
 Chris Hammons
S33 chris t
 David Wright
S33 david t
 Hannah Shapiro
S33 hannah t
 Jay Starrett
S33 jay t
 Jessica Lewis
S33 jessica t
 Ken McNickle
S33 ken t
 Michelle Schubert
S33 michelle t
 Sunday Burquest
S33 sunday t
 Taylor Stocker
S33 taylor t
 Will Wahl
S33 will t
 Zeke Smith
S33 zeke t

Tribe History

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  • Vinaka is the first tribe in Survivor to result from the merging of three tribes.
  • The tribe's name was suggested by Adam Klein as a tribute to Earl Cole, who suggested the same name for Survivor: Fiji's merged tribe before Bula Bula was chosen.[1]
  • Vinaka is the second merged tribe whose name means "thank you" in its season's host language, after Orkun.


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