Victor Rollinger is a contestant from Koh-Lanta: La Guerre des Chefs

A brash and arrogant character, Victor rapidly annoyed his fellow castaways. His survival skills and athleticism made him an important asset for the Kama tribe, yet, the "Outcasts" on his tribe still decided to get rid of him when they felt he was alienating them. On Day 9, he had the opportunity to get back into the game after Carinne's evacuation, and thus, he joined the Tabuo tribe. He soon became a target of his new tribe who felt like he was scheming too much for their liking. On Day 12, he was eliminated a second time, with an Immunity Necklace in his pocket.


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Moniteur de Parachutisme

25 ans - Bas-Rhin (67)

Victor est Alsacien et moniteur de parachutisme. Mais surtout Victor est intransigeant. Il ne laisse passer aucune erreur. Sa discipline ne permet pas l'à peu près, et Victor applique cette exigence à tout. Atout ou handicap ? A voir…


As soon as the game kicked him, Victor was noticed by his fellow castaways for his athletic abilities as well as his strong survival skills. Frustrated not to have won the opening "Poles Challenge", he rapidly tried to make up for it by making fire for the rest of the candidates.

As the castaways all lived together on the same beach for the first night, he quickly formed a bond with Xavier and Emilie, the chief of the Kama Tribe. He then told the other two chiefs that he did not want to join their respective tribe, much to the surprise of Béa, the Tabuo leader and winner of the Poles Challenge. When the three chiefs picked their team, he was among the first ones to be chosen and joined his allies on Kama. Both Maxime and Béa refused to pick him, desite his strengths.

On Kama, Victor was both a provider and an asset in challenges. Along with Xavier and Emilie, they ruled the tribe a bit too harshly and the rest of their tribe members rapidly felt ostracized. Before they attended their first Tribal Council, Victor even revealed that his alliance composed the tribe with a picking order already established in their minds. This prompted the four "Outcasts" to form a rival alliance, that outnumbered Victor's.

Kama lost the second Immunity Challenge, Emilie designated Chloé as the obvious target, but the "Outcasts" had another plan in mind. As Maud revealed she would not vote out the fisherman, the Tribe Chief got scared and played her Chief Immunity Bracelet. However, the other four Kama members targetted Victor who they were annoyed at because of his arrogance and constant need for validation. In a rare moment of vulnerability, the young Skydiving Instructor broke down during Tribal Council, stating that he failed to recognize that it was not yet his time to be in charge and have the responsabilities he aspires to. He was voted out by a vote of 4 to 3.

On Day 9 however, Carinne's evacuation prompted his comeback in the game and he joined Béa's Tabuo tribe. As the last member arrived, he immediatley had a big target on his back and he successfully went looking for an Immunity Necklace in the jungle. When his tribe lost the third Immunity Challenge, he revealed he had one in his possession, in an attempt to shift the target to Nicolas who had been complaining constantly about missing his family. The younger member on the tribe were not really satisfied by Victor's scheming and blackmailing and they maintained that they were voting for him no matter what.

At Tribal Council, he received 4 votes once again, and surprisingly enough, he did not play his Immunity Necklace. Before he left the game, he left it to Béatrice in a last desperate attempt to create chaos among the Tabuos, who were obviously frightened that such a power could break their group solidarity.

Voting History

Victor's Voting History
Episode Victor's
Voted Against
1 Kama Tribe Immune
2 Chloé Alexandre, Chloé,
Cyril, Maud
Voted Out, Day 6
Returned, Day 91
3 Tabuo Tribe Immune
4 Nicolas Angélique, Aurélien
Béatrice, Nicolas
Voted Out, Day 12

^1 On Day 9, Carinne was medically evacuated, and Victor came back into the game to replace her the day after.


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