Vertigo (also known as Perch and Crystal Method) is a recurring challenge on Survivor.  


In Survivor: Panama, contestants would stand on the top of a perch over the water. Upon starting the challenge, they would toss a bucket into the ocean and collect water which would then be poured into a bamboo chute, causing a flag to rise. The first person to grab their flag would win.

In Survivor: Micronesia, the initial format remains similar but the flag is now replaced with a key. After retrieving the key, contestants would then jump off their perch and swim to shore where they would use the key to unlock a box of ladder rungs. The rest of the challenge then played out using the rules of Great Escape Run. The first person to raise their flag would win.

In Survivor: Cagayan, Survivor: Game Changers and Survivor: David vs. Goliath, after retrieving the key, contestants would then jump off their perch and swim to shore where they would use the key to unlock a series of puzzle pieces. The first person to solve their puzzle would win.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Panama, where Terry Deitz won immunity in a close race.

The challenge was later used in Survivor: Micronesia as the final four Immunity Challenge. Although Natalie Bolton maintained a lead early, Amanda Kimmel eventually caught up and beat Natalie in assembling the ladder, granting Amanda a spot in the final three.

In Survivor: Cagayan, all three men finished the perch portion quickly and had a large amount of time to solve the puzzle. Kass McQuillen, on the other hand, took over 15 minutes to fill her chute. After one of the biggest comebacks in Survivor history, Kass beat the men to win immunity.

In Survivor: Game Changers, Michaela Bradshaw was the first to assemble her puzzle, but was wrong. Brad Culpepper, who saw an error with his puzzle, quickly reassembled it and won immunity.

In Survivor: David vs. Goliath, Alison Raybould was the first to retrieve her key and unlock her puzzle pieces. However, Nick Wilson followed and quickly assembled his puzzle on his first try before the other contestants made sufficient progress on their puzzle, winning immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
Individual Immunity S12 terry t
Terry Deitz
"Stir the Pot!"
Individual Immunity S16 amanda t
Amanda Kimmel
"It's Do or Die"
Individual Immunity S28 kass t
Kass McQuillen
Game Changers
"Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow"
Individual Immunity S34 brad t
Brad Culpepper
David vs. Goliath
"With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility"
Individual Immunity S37 nick t
Nick Wilson




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