Vata is the merged tribe of Kama, Lesu, and Manu from Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Their tribe color is red.


 Aurora McCreary
S38 aurora t
 Chris Underwood
S38 chris t
 David Wright
S38 david t
 Eric Hafemann
S38 eric t
 Gavin Whitson
S38 gavin t
 Joe Anglim
S38 joe t
 Julia Carter
S38 julia t
 Julie Rosenberg
S38 julie t
 Kelley Wentworth
S38 kelley t
 Lauren O'Connell
S38 lauren t
 Ron Clark
S38 ron t
 Rick Devens
S38 rick t
 Victoria Baamonde
S38 victoria t
 Wardog DaSilva
S38 wardog t

Tribe History



  • Vata was located at the former Manu camp.
  • Vata holds the record for the merged tribe to contain the most members at any point, with 14 non-simultaneous members.
    • By extension, Vata contains the highest percentage of its season's cast, at 14 out of 18 (77.8%).
  • Vata is tied with Merica and Orkun for the tribe with the most castaways voted out due to a Hidden Immunity Idol being played, with three.
  • The tribe name was suggested by Lauren O'Connell.
  • Coincidentally, "vata" is a Fijian word. As a noun it means "shelf"; as an adverb it means "altogether".[1]


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