Vanessa Marawa is the Sole Survivor of Survivor South Africa: Panama.


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I'm sharp and intelligent; a fighter

Age: 27
Star sign: Capricorn
Residence: La Lucia, Durban
Occupation: Estate Agent
An estate agent and model from La Lucia who doesn't take herself too seriously, Vanessa is "an introverted extrovert" and a "fighter".
What you should know about her: Until recently, Vanessa pursued a modeling career in Cape Town, but has decided to move back to Durban.
Describes herself as: 'An introverted extrovert. I don't need to be surrounded by people all the time. I'm sharp and intelligent; a fighter.'
Worst qualities: 'I can be very lazy.'
What would you want to take to the island? '[A leading cosmetic house's] '8hr cream''
Why will you win Survivor? "I will win Survivor because I said so. Honestly there is no formula on winning survivor. I think that's been proven but I think the different you are from what has been shown to be the winning formula for Survivor, I think I posses a lot of those qualities…"
What's the hardest part about accepting the challenge to be on Survivor? "The most difficult thing for me was leaving behind my creature comforts. I am a bit of a girly girl and I don't do outdoors. I've never been camping, never been hiking ‧ none of that. So I think a warm bed, a pedicure ‧ that kind of stuff.."
What will be your strengths in the game? "My one strength that might sound like a weakness is that I don't take myself too seriously. Which I think that if you do take yourself too seriously tends to cloud your judgement of your capabilities. So, I think taking things with a pinch of salt is actually a strength that is very undermined."
What will your winning strategy be? "I do have strategy for staying on the island, and that is to observe, observe, observe, and hou my bek - as they say in Afrikaans."[2]

Survivor South Africa

Voting History

Vanessa's Voting History
Episode Vanessa's
Voted Against
1 Aguila Tribe Immune
2 Sam Brigitte, Sam
3 No Elimination1
4 Aguila Tribe Immune
5 Aguila Tribe Immune
6 Danielle -
7 Nico -
8 Lezel -
9 Lezel -
10 Lezel Gareth, Jacinda,
Lezel, Zayn
Voted Out, Day 22
11 On Dead Man's Island
Returned, Day 25
12 Gareth -
Jury Votes
for Vanessa
Brigette, Mzi, Zayn
Sole Survivor, Day 29

^1 In Episode 3, despite Jude's quit, Aguila still attended Tribal Council. The person who received the most votes would receive one vote at their next Tribal Council. Vanessa did not receive enough votes to attain this status.




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