Vampire Bats (also known as Gang Hang) is a recurring physical challenge in Survivor. First appearing in Survivor: Panama, it has since reappeared in Survivor: Redemption Island.


The castaways have to hang on a bar for as long as they can. Once you drop, you lose. Last person left wins.

In Redemption Island, the castaways are suspended over a pool of water and must use only their legs after twenty minutes


The challenge was first used in Survivor: PanamaShane Powers asked Jeff if they were going to tempted with food. Jeff said no, causing Shane to opt out. It came down to Terry Deitz and Nick Stanbury. Terry outlasted Nick for the first individual immunity.

The challenge returned in Survivor: Redemption Island. The castaways was offered to sit out for Hamburgers and Fries. Only Phillip Sheppard and Steve Wright took the offer. Rob Mariano was the first out and the only one to not make it to twenty minutes. Eventually, David Murphy dropped out and Andrea Boehlke asked if she could have the win. The others obliged and Andrea won immunity.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"An Emerging Plan"
Individual Immunity S12 terry t
Terry Deitz
Redemption Island
"The Buddy System"
Individual Immunity S22 andrea t
Andrea Boehlke



  • Both times the challenge was used:
    • The challenge was for individual immunity.
    • Ten castaways were present, six men and four women.
    • The winner would return for a future season.
    • The winner was on an orange tribe pre-merge that opposed a purple tribe, and the tribes merged into a black tribe.
    • The season introduced an island as a season-long twist, Exile Island and Redemption Island respectively.


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