I said that I would of done the returnees assessment back on Friday, but other things got in the way. HOWEVER, that gave me more time to think about how the four could play while in the game. The four castaways they placed were probably the best they could of chose from and I am looking forward to see all their games. So with further ado, here is my cast assessment on the Survivor: Edge of Extinction returnees!

Aubry BraccoI do sort of have a love-hate relationship with Aubry. I have nothing but respect for her based off the game she played in both Survivor: Kaôh Rōng and Survivor: Game Changers, but there is something that keeps telling me that she won't do well. i feel it would be possible for her to make it to the merge, but only leaving the game by losing the challenge the gets her out of Extinction or a challenge following that before the final four. But I also think the newbies would underestimate her so that is another reason why I think she'll go deep. But overall, I don't think she can win.

David WrightDavid may have only played in one season contrary to his fellow returnees, but he played a very strong game in Millennials vs. Gen Xone I consider stronger than most games a returning player may have. I want David to go deep, but if he doesn't, it is understandable. The guy can pull surprises left and right, and he even thought of his own advantage that he wants to make and manipulate someone with. That could be very interesting and looking forward to seeing David play again.

Joe AnglimThe stand-out of Survivor: Worlds Apart and one of the most dominant male competitors in the game, Joe returns for his third time to possibly seal the deal. He managed to be safe from tribal council up until Day 26 of Survivor: CambodiaThis already pins him as a physical threat in the game. I feel if he is able to make strong social connections right off the bat, he could have a chance of not going to Extinction. And even if he does, we all know Joe is not going to quit. Above all, if I had to pick any male to win this game, Joe is my pick.

Kelley WentworthIn all honesty, I didn't want to see Wentworth return to Cambodia just because I don't think she deserved it, then she made me eat my words. I feel Wentworth could definitely be someone that makes it deep based of a strong game, or gets out early to prevent a strong game. If I were to be one of the new players, I would try to align with her, because if I don't, I would probably be voted out. So I hope Wentworth makes it deep.

That was my assessment on the returnees! Hopefully sometime in between now and the premiere of Edge of Extinction, I will do a fantasy boot order just for the sake of doing it. Til then, thank you for taking the time to read my assessment(s) and I hope you all have a good day!

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