Dear Survivor AND Big Brother fans,

So, I was making a simulator on, and my theme was Big Brother: Game Changers, basically picking out 20 houseguests to put on the Survivor: Game Changers simulator. Anyways, I realized thatI really couldn't decide who was a game changer and who I just wanted to see on there, so I made a poll for everyone!

Rank the houseguests from 1-16 based on who you want to see more on the simulator or who you think more is a Game Changer. You're basically making your dream cast (with the options provided for you). After a  certain time I will average all the scores, and the top 10 highest raking men and women will be on it! 

On My Daughter's Birthday?? You Are DISGUSTING!! 21:47, December 24, 2018 (UTC)