Note: This doesn't include any Survivor or reality tv related events.  This list isn't completed yet. If I missed anything from a season or contestant, please notify me at my message wall

Survivor:  Borneo

Sonja Christopher: Diagnosis: Murder

B.B. Andersen: Reebok and Home Depot (Commercials)

Ramona Gray: The Challenge

Dirk Been & Joel Klug: Gone (Movie)

Jenna Lewis: Without Me (Music Video), The Scorned (Movie)

Gervase Peterson: The Scorned (Movie)

Colleen Haskell: The Animal (Film), That '70s Show, Maybe It's Me

Sean Kenniff: Guiding Light (Radio and television soap opera)

Susan Hawk: Live with Regis, Bubble Boy (Film)

Rudy Boesch: JAG, Combat Missions (Host), Honorable Man (Straight-to-Video film)

Kelly Wiglesworth: Celebrity Adventures (Host), Mana (Never Aired)

Richard Hatch: The Apprentice, The Biggest Loser: Temptation Nation

Survivor: The Australian Outback

Kel Gleason: Multiple beef jerky commercials

Jeff Varner: Live with Regis and Kelly

Alicia Calaway: Worlds Strongest Man (Host), Worlds Strongest Woman (Host), Fitness (Magazine), Elle (Magazine), Muscle and Fitness (Magazine), and Sports Illustrated for Women (Magazine).

Jerri Manthey: The Young and the Restless,  Scary Movie 2 (Mentioned), Playboy (Magazine), Destiny (Movie), Komodo vs. Cobra (Movie), Extreme Dodgeball, Russian Roulette, Piece of my Heart (Music Video), Big Brother 8 (Mentioned)

Amber Brkich: The Amazing Race, Rob, and Amber: Against the Odds

Rodger Bingham: The View

Elisabeth Filarski: The View (Host), Fox & Friends (Host), Made of Honor (Film)

Keith Famie: Keith Famie's Adventures

Colby Donaldson: Curb your Enthusiasm, Reba, 8 Simple Rules, Joey, Bones, Schick razors (commercials), Red Eye (Film), The Rachel Ray Show, Top Shot (Host), Stand Up 2 Cancer (commercial)

Tina Wesson: Racquetball Magazine

Survivor: Africa

Jessie Camacho: Protagonistas de Novela

Lindsey Richter: Without Me (Music Video)

Clarence Black: Batman v Superman (Movie)

Kelly Goldsmith: Chicago Magazine

Tom Buchanan: Family Beef

Ethan Zohn: The Scorned, The Amazing Race

Survivor: Marquesas

Hunter Ellis: People Magazine, 3D Safari: Africa (Host), Atomic Beam flashlight (Picture), Atomic Beam: Magic Ear (Commercial)

Sarah Jones: Playboy (magazine)

Rob Mariano: Stand Up 2 Cancer (Commercial), Around the World in 80 Ways (Host), Rob and Amber: Against the Odds, The Amazing Race

Vecepia Towery: A Baby Story (Documentary)

Survivor: Thailand

Ghandia Johnson: Judge Judy

Robb Zbacnik: Saddle Ranch

Ken Stafford: Ca$h Cab

Jake Billingsley: After Sundown (Movie)

Helen Glover: The Helen Glover Show (Radio) (Host)

Brian Heidik: Hollywood Squares

Survivor: The Amazon

Daniel Lue: Qi Biomagnetic Bracelet (Infomercial)

JoAnna Ward: The Office (Mentioned)

Heidi Strobel: Playboy Magazine, I Love the '90s

Jenna Morasca: Playboy Magazine, Pieces (Broadway), The Scorned (Movie), The Amazing Race

Survivor: Pearl Islands

Nicole Delma: Proactive (commercials & ads)

Ryan Opray: Total Blackout

Rupert Boneham: Half & Half, Open Mic'rs, The Radford Reshuffle (Cameo), Yes, Dear, A Million Ways to Die in the West (extra), Stand Up 2 Cancer (commercial)

Tijuana Bradley: The Price is Right

Christa Hastie: This car wash commercial

Jon Dalton: Pawn Stars

Sandra Diaz-Twine: Dr. Phil (Audience)

Survivor: Vanuatu

John Palyok: Dr. Phil (Audience), Solitary, Soup of the Day, Charlie Cobb's Flash Bash

Lisa Keiffer: The Price is Right

Eliza Orlins: The Dr. Oz Show

Survivor: Palau

Jolanda Jones: Sisters In Law

James Miller: The Walking Dead

Bobby Jon Drinkard: On the Job

Jenn Lyon: Daddy Day Camp

Survivor: Guatemala

Amy O'Hara: Family Feud

Jamie Newton: Parental Control, Seeking Mr. X (Film)

Survivor: Panama

Tina Scheer: Ultimate Survival Alaska

Melinda Hyder: Guiding Light

Dan Barry: Battlebots

Cirie Fields: Guiding Light

Terry Deitz: Modern Marvels

Danielle DiLorenzo: 180 (Film), The Black Russian (Movie), Epic Adventures

Survivor: Cook Islands

J.P. Calderon: The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, Instinct magazine

Rebecca Borman: The View

Parvati Shallow: Into the Blue 2: The Reef, Stand Up 2 Cancer (Commercial), Around the World For Free

Sundra Oakley: Lost, Suburgatory, CSI: Miami, Sex and the City

Ozzy Lusth: American Ninja Warrior

Yul Kwon: America Revealed

Survivor: Fiji

Rita Verreos: The Price is Right

Anthony Robinson: Around the World For Free

Survivor: China

Ashley Massaro: WWE, Hell Yeah (Music Video)

Jean-Robert Bellande: 2008 World Series of Poker

Frosti Zernow: American Ninja Warrior, Jump City: Seattle, American Ninja Warrior (again)

James Clement: The Young and the Restless

Amanda Kimmel: Into the Blue 2: The Reef, Nintendo 3DS (Commercial)

Todd Herzog: Dr. Phil

Survivor: Micronesia

Alexis Jones: 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons, Say Yes to the Dress, 

Survivor: Gabon

Corinne Kaplan: All the Fixins

Ken Hoang: E3 2014

Sugar Kiper: L.A Noire (Video Game) (Voice), Celebrity Rehab, 

Survivor: Tocantins

Candace Smith: The Millionaire Matchmaker, Hawaii Five O

Tyson Apostol: The Star Wars That I Used to Know (Parody), Marriage Boot Camp

Coach Wade: 180 (Movie)

Survivor: Samoa

Monica Padilla: Hush (Short Movie)

Russell Hantz: Flipped Off, Big Brother 14 (Cameo), Holding Hantz

Survivor: Nicaragua

Tyrone Davis: Total Blackout

Brenda Lowe: Stanton Optical (Commercial), Swarovski (Commercial), Baywatch (Cameo), Deal or No Deal (Model) (Case #4)

Chase Rice: Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Bachelor (Cameo)

Fabio Birza: The Mortal Instruments: City of Lost Souls (Book Cover), 90210 Shark Attack (Movie)

Survivor: Redemption Island

Francesca Hogi: Today

Matt Elrod: You Lie (Music Video), Pretty Little Liars, Hollywood Heights, The Bridge (Novel), Dr. Ken, Dear White People, Riverdale

Andrea Boehlke: Dallas, People Now, Identical (Sci-Fi TV series), 

Survivor: South Pacific

Mikayla Wingle:  2014 NPC Junior USA Championships

Keith Tollefson: The Amazing Race

Whitney Duncan: The Amazing Race

Edna Ma: Shark Tank

Survivor: One World

Nina Acosta: The Ricki Lake Show

Jay Byars: The Price is Right (Model)

Leif Manson: Tosh.0, Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 (Movie)

Christina ChaThis car wash commercial

Chelsea Meissner: Southern Charm

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe: Great Day San Antonio

Survivor: Phillipines

Survivor: Caramoan

Survivor: Blood vs Water

Survivor: Cagayan

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur

Survivor: Worlds Apart

Survivor: Koah Rong

Survivor: Millennials vs Gen X

Survivor: Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers

Survivor: Ghost Island

Survivor: David vs Goliath

Survivor: Edge of Extinction

Survivor: Island of the Idols

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