1: Palau

S10 coby t

I really relate to Coby a lot, and I think that's why he's my favorite of this season. His entire storyline was about being a gay man and trying to prove himself as being better than the people who bullied him in high school ever gave him credit for being really struck a cord with me. And Coby proved himself to be physically strong, and managed to take out one of the strongest players of the season...TWICE! And he proved himself to be intelligent as the designated puzzle-maker of his tribe. Overall, he was a really nice guy, and I always respected him for standing up to Tom, even though it was a dumb move that got him voted out. And I also love Coby for how he connected with his fellow castaways, even naming his adopted daughter after Janu. I wish he'd be invited back for a second chance because he was a great underdog character.

S10 janu t

Janu wasn't the biggest presence during the season by any means, and honestly, the same can be said for plenty of people on the Koror tribe. But really, Janu's entire edit all comes down to herfinal episode, which is enough to make me want to rank her this highly. Janu was never the loudest personality this season, but then again, neither was a majority of Koror. Even though she was purple throughout the season, I have a strange love for Janu, which is highlighted during her final episode. I loved her friendship with Coby, and for most of the season, Janu cried a lot. On any other season, Janu would've gone home very quickly, but she managed to make it to the merge. After Coby left, you could tell she was so miserable, and after everyone made fun of her for getting sent to Exile Island, Janu finally stood up for herself and quit. I don't hold that against her, she gave us another episode with Stephenie, and her treatment of Katie at the FTC was so satisfying.

S10 stephenie t

It would be criminal not to have Stephenie in the Top 3. Unlike most screenhogs, Stephenie actually deserved the amount of time she received on camera, especially considering she's one of the biggest underdogs in Survivor history, on Palau at least. Even though she started off rough when she jumped off the boat WAY too early, alongside Jonathan, she really proved that she is really competitive and strategic on Ulong. She managed to align herself into the majority, a rarity for an underdog, and probably would've gone far had she managed to keep Angie during the double elimination. One of the funniest moments of the season was that scene where it's just her and Bobby Jon, and it's the most awkward thing ever. I really hoped someone would flip at the merge, but I guess Stephenie just didn't have any luck this season. Even though her reputation was tarnished during her second and third appearances, Stephenie still has one of my favorite season-long arcs in Survivor.

S10 katie t

Even though I always forget that Katie was a finalist, she's super entertaining. Love her or hate her, she was pretty powerful throughout the season, even if she relied on Tom and Ian to get through the season. I loved her snarkiness and bitchiness, but I guess that's just my love for HBIC's. Her feud with Caryn is SOOOO underrated, it's so entertaining, and their fights were something I lived for. She might've been a bit incompetent when it came to desicion making, but she was actually quite smart, something I was surprised to see at the end of the season. Also lol at her GAINING weight on Survivor!

S10 angie t

I loved Angie

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