this premiere actually shocked me. i thought, considering after the disaster or eoe, it was not that bad. i think it was because we had more screen time of them on the island since there was no marooning. and does anyone else get jenna lewis vibes from molly? just me? okay then. i generally like the cast, and the diversity, and there are many people to root for, which is good, but then there's more people you don't want to see go home. i know everyone's saying karishma is going to win, she's like sandra, but right from missy's first confessional, she had the million dollars. she's so perfect is sickening. elaine is one of my favorites, and i see her being a christian hubicki of the season. kellee bugs me, because she hates being touched and is a germophob - i like her, but girl, how are you supposed ti live on the island if you feel that way. and also, the girls making it like dan was touching them inappropriately was really unnecassary. i don't mind ronnie being first boot, he is probably the least likeable player out there, and i couldn't tell him and aaron apart tbh. all in all, great premiere, exciting cast, and interesting story lines. can't wait for the next episode!

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