hey guys! this is my first blog post, so please bare with me if this sounds bad. i just want to analyze gabby pascuzzi's gameplay on survivor david vs goliath, since i think she was underestimated on her season and was given bad attention. gabby started off on the david tribe, alliancing with christian hubicki, everyone's favorite, and calling themselves nerds. gabby's first big move was taking out jessica, which was originally her plan. if you watch the second episode, it states how she was the one that brought up voting jessica out. she gathered elizabeth and lyrsa, and then christian. it was up to christian and nick. jessica succesfully was voted out. then, gabby became a massive target at camp. if they were to go to tribal again, the votes would've been nick, davie, bi, and carl voting for gabby definite. now, thankfully, they won the challenge, and after that the tribes switched.

   once more, gabby was at the bottom of her tribe. the brochachos pretty much ruled camp, and alison wasn't at the top, but she definitley was in the loop. they won all the challenges, reward and immunity (i think they lost one reward challenge actually). gabby was emotional because she knew if they were to lose, she would be voted out. she talked to alison, and had confrontation that they were in an alliance if they lost. that left christian in the middle. if they were to go to tribal, gabby, alison, and christian would vote for dan and dan and john would vote for gabby. after three tribal councils, the tribes were merged.

   gabby stated in a confessional at the merge feast that she was looking for idols, trying to see if there would be clues somewhere or if they were in the napkin holders. for her, the merge boot was easy, considering everyone voted elizabeth. then, alec talked about making a six alliance, with gabby, mike, alison, nick, and christian. fireworks sparked at the next tribal with john being voted out, since davie played an idol for christian. then, dan was voted out because carl had an idol nullifier, so dan's idol did not count. over and over again at each tribal, gabby was going long with the david alliance, and making moves with her allies. at the double episode, gabby flipped on carl, and planned his blindside. i hear people complaining cause she 'ruined the numbers', but what about when carl planned elizabeth's vote? anyways, alec's vote passed, and that's when she realized she had to make a move. she decided to make a plan about voting out carl. all she needed was mike, and she would've had the votes to get ihm out. he was being 'the godfather' at camp, and left her out of the vote, thinking she was too weak and emotional. the plan worked, and it was finally the loved ones visit. she saw her mom, and how christian was comforting his girlfriend. *inhales* gabby was not jealous of christian's girlfriend, she just realized that christian has being doing what he does to his girlfriend the whole game:comforting her, making her feel apart of the game. gabby realized in order for her to win, she needed to make a move. she made a plan to vote out christian. once davie found out, he told christian to watch out for gabby, because he felt if christian was voted out, he would be the next target. which, in my opinion, is stupid. obviously gabby would be the biggest target considering the enormous move she planned to make. so the votes were voted. and it worked. christian was out! except he wasn't. christian ended up playing an idol, so all five votes were neglected. gabby had two votes from mike and angelina, and alison had one from christian. so, gabby pascuzzi finished in eight place, lasting thirty two days. she made a many allies in this game, and planned three blindsides-three (including christian's, which didn't exactly work out, but i still consider it, because if he didn't play his idol, he would've been out). overall, i hope you guys enjoyed this! i love gabby and watching edits of her, i think she sooooo underrated. comment what you think and who i should do next. thanks for reading!



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