Favorite Seasons of Survivor

1) Edge of Extinction (Favorite Season of Survivor).

2) Winners at War (2nd Favorite Season of Survivor).

3) David vs. Goliath

4) Philippines

5) Millennials vs. Gen X

6) Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

7) Game Changers

8) All-Stars

9) Blood vs. Water

10) South Pacific

11) Heroes vs. Villains

12) Redemption Island

13) One World

14) Island of the Idols

15) Ghost Island

16) Caramoan

Current Favorite Survivor Contestants List- 

1) J.T. Thomas (Skill Level: 15).

2) Kass McQuillen (Skill Level: 27).

3) Tai Trang (Skill Level: 41).

4) Todd Herzog (Skill Level: 56).

5) Julie Rosenberg (Skill Level: 74).

6) Brenda Lowe (Skill Level: 90).

7) Sherri Biethman (Skill Level: 104).

8) Tina Wesson (Skill Level: 120).

9) Laurel Johnson (Skill Level: 135).

10) Sebastian Noel (Skill Level: 150).

11) Lillian Morris (Skill Level: 165).

12) Morgan McLeod (Skill Level: 180).

13) Gervase Peterson (Skill Level: 193).

14) Joe Anglim (Skill Level: 209).

15) Chris Noble (Skill Level: 222).

16) Candice Cody (Skill Level: 240).

17) Aubry Bracco (Skill Level: 255).

18) Libby Vincek (Skill Level: 268).

19) Rupert Boneham (Skill Level: 285).

20) Domenick Abbate (Skill Level: 299).

21) Leif Manson (Skill Level: 315).

22) Jaison Robinson (Skill Level: 329).

23) Noura Salman (Skill Level: 343).

24) Woo Hwang (Skill Level: 360).

25) Hannah Shapiro (Skill Level: 375).

26) Carl Boudreaux (Skill Level: 390).

27) Christian Hubicki (Skill Level: 403).

28) Mick Trimming (Skill Level: 417).

29) Russell Hantz (Skill Level: 434).

30) Katie Collins (Skill Level: 449).

31) Elaine Stott (Skill Level: 464).

32) Missy Byrd (Skill Level: 480).

33) Aaron Meredith (Skill Level: 495).

34) Alison Raybould (Skill Level: 508).

35) Ozzy Lusth (Skill Level: 523).

36) Laura Morett (Skill Level: 540).

37) Tasha Fox (Skill Level: 554).

38) Jonathan Penner (Skill Level: 570).

39) Wendy Diaz (Skill Level: 583).

40) Troyzan Robertson (Skill Level: 600).

41) Elizabeth Olson (Skill Level: 614).

42) Aras Baskauskas (Skill Level: 630).

43) Michael Skupin (Skill Level: 645).

44) Ciera Eastin (Skill Level: 660).

45) Kat Edorsson (Skill Level: 675).

46) Hali Ford (Skill Level: 689).

47) Victoria Baamonde (Skill Level: 703).

48) Dean Kowalski (Skill Level: 718).

49) John Cody (Skill Level: 732).

50) Gabby Pascuzzi (Skill Level: 750).

51) Julia Carter (Skill Level: 765).

52) Davie Rickenbacker (Skill Level: 780).

53) Jamal Shipman (Skill Level: 792).

54) Kara Kay (Skill Level: 810).

55) Andrea Boehlke (Skill Level: 822).

56) Reynold Toepfer (Skill Level: 840).

57) Eddie Fox (Skill Level: 855).

58) Malcolm Freberg (Skill Level: 866).

59) Jenna Morasca (Skill Level: 885).

60) Hayden Moss (Skill Level: 897).

61) Ron Clark (Skill Level: 915).

62) Tommy Sheehan (Skill Level: 930).

63) Rachel Foulger (Skill Level: 945).

64) Sandra Diaz-Twine (Skill Level: 960).

65) Gavin Whitson (Skill Level: 971).

66) Reem Daly (Skill Level: 989).

67) Val Collins (Skill Level: 1005).

68) Keith Nale (Skill Level: 1019).

69) Eric Hafemann (Skill Level: 1035).

70) Nadiya Anderson (Skill Level: 1047).

71) Kim Spradlin-Wolfe (Skill Level: 1065).

72) Carter Williams (Skill Level: 1079).

73) Sophie Clarke (Skill Level: 1091).

74) Adam Klein (Skill Level: 1109).

75) Monica Culpepper (Skill Level: 1123).

76) Brad Culpepper (Skill Level: 1140).

77) Kellee Kim (Skill Level: 1155).

78) Jack Nichting (Skill Level: 1167).

79) Yul Kwon (Skill Level: 1184).

80) Jeremy Collins (Skill Level: 1199).

81) Danni Boatwright (Skill Level: 1215).

82) Sarah Lacina (Skill Level: 1230).

83) Tony Vlachos (Skill Level: 1244).

84) Tyson Apostol (Skill Level: 1257).

85) Wendell Holland (Skill Level: 1271).

86) Ben Driebergen (Skill Level: 1290).

87) Michele Fitzgerald (Skill Level: 1305).

88) Ethan Zohn (Skill Level: 1317).

89) Spencer Bledsoe (Skill Level: 1335).

90) Angelina Keeley (Skill Level: 1347).

91) Nick Wilson (Skill Level: 1365).

92) Natalie Anderson (Skill Level: 1379).

93) Parvati Shallow (Skill Level: 1394).

94) Will Wahl (Skill Level: 1409).

95) Denise Stapley (Skill Level: 1421).

96) Kelley Wentworth (Skill Level: 1440).

97) Amber Mariano (Skill Level: 1453).

98) Rob Mariano (Skill Level: 1467).

99) RC Saint-Amour (Skill Level: 1485).

100) Lauren O'Connell (Current Favorite Contestant on Survivor (Skill Level: 1500)).

S38 Lauren O'Connell
Survivor S38- Edge Of Extinction (DVD). ==  

Lauren O'Connell's summary from Survivor Edge Of Extinction- (My Summary for her Brought to you by THE WA CHANNEL).

Lauren first started out on the Manu Tribe and quickly formed an alliance with her Survivor Idol, Kelley Wentworth and Wardog DaSilva. However, small cracks began to form in the tribe when Reem Daly irked the tribe by moving the Survivor’s clothes to dry, Lauren meanwhile, thought that Reem’s maternal instincts weren’t a big deal. After the Manu Tribe lost the 1st immunity challenge against the Kama Tribe, Lauren received a vote from Wendy Diaz, but Lauren and the majority of the tribe voted Reem out at Tribal Council. On Day 4, Lauren, Kelley, and Wardog spotted Wendy talking to David and Rick and suspected that she was searching for the Hidden Immunity Idol. They decided to warn the rest of the tribe and proposed on going as a group to search for the idol before Wendy. Ultimately Lauren found the idol in a tree and hid it in the sand near the water, not intending to tell or show it to anybody, not even Kelley. After Manu lost the Immunity/Reward Challenge on Day 6, Lauren once again voted with the majority of the tribe in voting Keith out and sending him to Edge Of Extinction for being a weak member of the tribe due to his inability to swim. On Day 7, Manu won their first challenge which was a reward challenge and they chose egg-laying chickens to take back to camp. After Manu lost their third immunity challenge, David and Chris, planned on targeting Kelley and did not want Chris to tell Lauren or Wardog about the plan. However, Chris got eliminated at Tribal Council, since he did leak the information to Wardog. 

After Tribal Council, Lauren and Kelley suspected that Wendy stole the tribe’s flint as it went missing since the topic of cooking the chickens for food was brought up which was something that Wendy did not take a liking too. Lauren admitted that it wasn’t normal for Wendy to do that. On Day 9 a tribe swap occurred and Lauren along with her ally Kelley, as well as Wardog, David, and Rick became the Lesu Tribe. While the new tribe was building a new shelter, Lauren almost vomited and admitted that eating the rice made her feel nauseous, and that the lack of sleep was also affecting her. The Lesu Tribe unfortunately lost the Immunity Challenge on Day 11, this left Lauren worried about getting voted out next since she had not eaten hardly which David and Rick perceived as a sign of weakness which made them want to vote her out. Lauren especially did not want to use her idol until the merge, she narrowly escaped elimination as she and her two allies Kelley and Wardog voted Rick out 3-2. Lauren, then secretly plotted with Kelley and Wardog to vote out David next if they went back to Tribal Council again. Lesu lost the Reward Challenge on Day 12, but finished second in the Immunity Challenge on Day 13. The Tribe did lose another Reward Challenge on Day 14. On Day 16, a twist occurred in which only one Tribe would win immunity and the two losing tribes would band together and vote out one person at Tribal Council. Kama won the challenge, sending both Manu and Lesu to Tribal Council. Before Tribal Council, Lauren's ally Kelley found Lesu's hidden immunity idol and told Lauren about finding it, At which point, Lauren decided to tell Kelley about her own Hidden Immunity Idol, a choice that would later come back to bite her. At Tribal Council, the four members of Lesu decided to target Wendy and the four members of Manu decided to target Lauren which resulted in a tie 4-4. This made both Lauren and Wendy Ineligible to vote in the revote and in the revote, the two tribes decided to band together and vote out Wendy; Because the Manu tribe were irked with the fact that Wendy had released the chickens earlier on after the tribe swap. 

On Day 17, The three tribes learned from Jeff that the six people that were voted out at Tribal Council were living on the Edge Of Extinction Island and were going to compete in a re-entry challenge in which one competitor would return to the game, Ultimately, Rick won the challenge and the three tribes also merged into the Veta Tribe. At Tribal Council, Lauren, Kelley, and Wardog planned to vote out David but Joe was voted off instead. Lauren later felt very hungry after her team lost the Reward Challenge on Day 20 and was fed up on eating nothing but rice. Things went from bad to worse; during the Immunity Challenge on Day 22, it came down to Lauren, Aurora, and Victoria when suddenly, Lauren passed out and landed on the ground. Jeff called in Dr. Joe and the medical team to Lauren’s aid and after a few minutes, Lauren awoke. She later admitted that she was scared, angry, and embarrassed that she passed out, and was nervous that she was going to be voted out at Tribal Council that evening. Despite receiving two votes from Julie and Rick, Lauren was spared as she and the majority of the veta tribe voted out Eric. She also voted with the majority in voting Julia out in the Tribal Council that followed. On Day 25, at the Immunity challenge, Lauren chose to give up her shot at immunity to enjoy pizza and cold beer. She and the majority of the tribe then voted David off at Tribal Council that night. On Day 26, there was an unaired Reward challenge that Lauren, Kelley, Gavin and Julie won, in which they got to eat Cheeseburgers and Cheesecake. After the Immunity challenge on Day 27; Lauren, Gavin, Kelley, and Julie targeted Aurora while her ally Wardog flipped and Kelley was sent to the Edge instead. Unbeknownst to Lauren, was that Kelley would betray her trust by telling Chris about Lauren’s Hidden Immunity Idol when she got to Edge Of Extinction that night. 

On Day 28, Lauren won another Reward Challenge to share with Julie, Rick and Wardog. While on reward, Lauren, secretly bonded with Julie and they decided to vote Wardog off at the next Tribal Council, they and the majority of the tribe did just that. Lauren did get to see her father Joey on Day 30 at the Loved ones challenge. After her ally, Gavin won immunity, the two of them plotted to vote Ron out next with the help of an Extra Vote advantage that Gavin had in his possession. Rick meanwhile used a Hidden Immunity Idol to negate four votes cast against him while Ron was sent to the Edge of Extinction. On Day 33, Gavin won the Reward challenge and chose to share it with Lauren and Victoria. The three plotted to vote off Aurora next and the majority of the tribe did just that at the following Tribal Council. 

On Day 36, The castaways on Edge Of Extinction competed in the second and final re-entry challenge in the game and Chris won the challenge. Returning to camp, Chris and Rick secretly hatched a plot to vote out Lauren since Kelley had told Chris about Lauren’s Idol while on the Edge. While she, Victoria, and Gavin were planning on voting against Rick, Lauren was pulled aside by Chris before Tribal Council and Chris tricked Lauren by telling her that he was going to get voted out next, which made Lauren believe that if she played her Idol for Chris, it would help her stand a better chance at winning the million dollars. At Tribal Council, Rick played a Hidden immunity idol for himself negating the three votes cast against him and Lauren played her Idol for Chris which only negated one vote against him from Victoria, making Lauren realize that Chris lied to her and that she could go next after Victoria who ultimately got voted out by Chris and Rick. On Day 37, The tribe went out searching for the now replanted hidden idols and Gavin found one while Chris found the other. Chris and Rick both created a pair of fake idols which were found by Julie and Lauren and at Tribal Council, Chris played his idol negating the three votes against him that were from Gavin, Julie, and Lauren. And despite playing the supposed idol she found and was told that it was fake, the two votes against Lauren from Rick and Chris were enough to send her to the jury and eliminate her in 5th place. 

At the Final Tribal Council, Lauren was irked that Chris had tricked her into misplaying her hidden immunity idol thus costing her the game, she ultimately voted for Gavin to become the Sole Survivor. But Gavin finished as the runner up, losing to Chris in a 9-4-0 vote. 

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SURVIVOR Edge of Extinction - Ponderosa Lauren O'Connell

SURVIVOR Edge of Extinction - Ponderosa Lauren O'Connell

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