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Andrew Ty Richard Brackenbury is an admin (aka sysop) on the Survivor Wiki.

He is known for his unpopular Survivor opinions, such as Cochran being his favorite castaway of all-time and enjoying the Redemption Island twist. Although a self-described "loser", he's a competent enough member of the panel who's always willing to help Wiki users. If you have any Survivor Wiki-related questions, you should feel free to drop a message on his Message Wall.


Given that I was born February 2000, and Survivor: Borneo debuted in May 2000, Survivor has been around practically my whole life. While I'd been watching Survivor on-and-off every now and then, the first season that I watched from beginning to end was Survivor: South Pacific live back in 2011 (I was eleven years old then). Instantly, I fell in love with the show. While it wasn't the greatest season looking back, it will always hold a special in my heart for being the season that started it all for me. Since then I've watched every episode, and even went back to watch the older seasons online (or at least what was on YouTube at the time, haha).

It was during Survivor: Cambodia when I found this Wiki, and I started making edits soon after. After about a year of being an editor, I stumbled upon a recruitment call for new admins that Ian posted in the Discussions. On a complete whim I threw my hat in and applied, half-expecting to not even get a reply back. To my surprise, I was actually chosen with a handful of other applicants. Though I felt completely unprepared and totally unqualified starting out, I've always taken my role on here very seriously and have grown and matured a great deal as a result. Overall, I'm so grateful to be a part of the Wiki and it's wonderful community!

Other Stuff

I've been an admin here since 2017, and I've been an editor here even longer. I have a YouTube channel also under the name "SavaiiSurvivor" where I post Survivor videos occasionally. Eventually, I'll make some more videos. ...Eventually. I'm an admin on the Club Penguin: Survivor ORG Wiki, which is exactly as it sounds (it's good fun tho). I also had played a bunch of ORGs myself, though I never won. Or even got close to winning, for that matter. It turns out that knowing a lot about Survivor and knowing a lot about playing Survivor are two different things. Otherwise, I'm just fooling around various social medias.

My Wiki To-Do List

  • Add GC returnee shortlist to page
  • Brainstorm new badge names(?)
  • Work on Survivor VG pages