• I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male

Who Am I?

I am a 15 year old from Port Elizabeth in South Africa. I have been a Survivor Fan since the first season and have watched all the season. I know all the season in order and I know all the winners. I really wish to compete in a Fans vs. Favourite season.


  1. Matty Withmore- He is the best player of Survivor and I always liked how he played and made it to the final 4 of Gabon.
  2. Hayden Moss- He is best known for being the highest placing male from Tadhana and the highest placing member from Brad's Men alliance.
  3. Katy Collins- best known for being the first female to draw the white(purple) rock in a rock drawing challenge.
  4. Tina Wesson- Best known for being the first female winner.
  5. Rupert Boneham- best known for playing in 4 seasons and never to win or make it to the final tribal council.
  6. Shamar Thomas- Best known for being medical evacuated from the game after sand got into his eye.
  7. Adam- Best known for being the last member from Rarotonga in Cook Islands.
  8. Susan Hawk- Best known for her speech in Survivor Borneo
  9. Taj- Best known for sending herselve to Exile Island and giving everyone else their loved one to go with them to camp.
  10. Aras- best known for being injured on Day 39 in Panama.
  11. Crissy- True winner of HvHvH

Least Favorites

  1. Colton Cumbie- The first person to leave the game before the merge twice. medically evacuated beforethe merge and he quit the game in 19th place in Blood vs. Water.
  2. Monica Cullpeper- I hated her because she cost herselve the game in Blood vs. Water when she decided to take Tyson and Gervase to the end.
  3. Brad Cullpeper- Elimenated Candice at the duel. Very good move but everyone hated him from Tadhana.
  4. Phillip Shepered- Cost Francesca the game twice. He should never play again ever. I hated that stupid man.
  5. Kat- Made the same mistakes twice. Asked Hayden to take her place so that she could just be voted out again from the new Tadhana tribe.
  6. Tyson- Best known for being a Villain in Heroes vs. Villians and for being the first ever winner to be part of a rock drawing challenge.
  7. Brandon Hantz- The stupitest person to ever play Survivor. Gives up his game in both his seasons.
  8. Boston Rob- First ever person to win on their 4th try. Just wanted to take Phillip and Natalie to the end to win the game because they were not famous among the jury members in Redemption Island.
  9. Lisa- One of the stupitest players in History. She desided to take one of her biggest fans to the end and Denise, a former Matsing tribe member.
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