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My favorite Survivor castaway(s)

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My favorite Season(s)

My favorite Survivor Seasons :

  • Survivor: Kaoh Rong: One of the first seasons I enjoyed from start to finish. The female characters were particularly amazing and I was rooting for Michele from the start of the season. I also liked the fact that the suspense was on until the end and unlike some of the more recent seasons, the eventual winner was not too predcictable.

My favorite Koh-Lanta Seasons : I have been watching the show since the sixth season I believe but most of my favorite seasons are the recent ones. I guess I started obsessing with the show after it was first cancelled in 2013.

  • Koh-Lanta: Fidji: I loved the way how the Underdogs managed to get out "more mature" players that seemed to be aligned in a more solid alliance. I hated Mélanie's evacuation so close to the end but I think the outcome is still quite compelling. I also liked the fact that the players were more eager to strategize than in other seasons.
  • Koh-Lanta: Raja Ampat: Probably the favorite season of many fans of Koh-Lanta. There are a lot of big personalities, a lot of craziness, and the winner was quite surprising - at least to the casual viewer I was back then. The premerge was a bit messy because of players walking out of the game and people being represented as caricatures of themselves (Maxime as the gamebot waiting for his comeuppance, Gégé as the ridiculous, out-of-the-loop old man that everybody laughs at, Tehe as the super human and golden boy...), but the post-merge is GOL-DEN !
  • Koh-Lanta: Cambodge: Unpopular opinion here, but I really liked this season (and the short-lived three tribes format). Casuals hated that the athletes all got eliminated before the Final 2, superfans hated the fact that super strong athletes were introduced in the second episode. I personally loved it all and Clem is the most compelling and complexe character the show has had for years. Underwhelming end result but to me the last 3 episodes - as well as Sandro's blindside - are among my favorite Koh-Lanta moments ever.
  • Koh-Lanta: Le Combat des Héros: hands down, the best all-star season the french version has seen. Loads of strategy, crazy personalities and an interesting finale. I HATED the winner, I don't thing she deserved to win and Pascal is definitely the biggest R.obbed G.oddess of all time. Even the early ulonging didn't seem too boring to watch (I guess because Redemption Island was entertaining to me, and had a satisfying end result).
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