aka Jdabb

  • My occupation is Nothing
  • I am Gender-Fluid

Survivor Records:

First person voted out: Sonja Christopher

First male voted out: B.B. Andersen

First winner: Richard Hatch

First female winner: Tina Wesson

First castaway to not receive a vote cast against them: Kelly Wiglesworth

Oldest castaway: Rudy Boesch

Oldest female castaway: Sonja Christopher

First castaways to receive votes at more than one tribal: Stacey Stillman Rudy Boesch

First castaway to survive receiving votes at two separate tribals: Rudy Boesch

First castaway to receive votes at every tribal they attended: Stacey Stillman

First castaway to appear in the opening intro: B.B. Andersen

First castaway to sit out of a challenge: Ramona Gray

First castaway who's elimination was caused by an alliance: Dirk Been

To Be Continued...

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